Your Old Self

This week I’m getting back on track with finding my old self.  I could still feel the tips of her fingers with only one child to care for, now there are two and she’s sinking; engulfed under laundry, uni assignments and the demands of others.

So where do I find my former self?  The one whose feet stuck to pub carpets, drank beer in the sun and could sniff out a CBD sale in a 7 KM radius on her lunch break.  The one who listened to entire albums on her commute into work, read weekend papers from cover to cover and jogged along beaches.

She laughed a lot more and sometimes I feel like I’ll never see her again but this week I’m luring her out of obscurity through the power of music.

Jack Johnson - brushfire fairytales

Jack takes me back to lazy days in the sun and concerts in the Music Bowl.  This was perfection then and it still is now.

A European holiday in 2000 where I spent most of the time pining for Mr.Savage.  I cried on planes, I cried on buses, I cried on trains and Mr.Savage still doesn’t know that Green Eyes was actually written about him.  This was Coldplay at their best, not their Yoko Ono Gwyneth worst.


Can you remember your feet sticking to the carpet, being burnt by a stray cigarette or a pot of beer costing you $2 dollars?  My grandmother bought me this when I was seventeen.  I loved this album so hard but it makes my husband’s ears bleed so I save it for alone time when I want to travel back to the Melbourne music scene in 1992.  My mother calls this “armchair travel” at the aged care facility where she works and I quite like the sound of that.

Have you lost touch with your old self?  Do you have any special albums that take you back to a particular point in time?



  1. says

    It’s so true, music can transport you to another place and time.

    I have so many albums that remind me of my youth, but one of the first was Silverchair’s Frogstomp, takes me straight back to year seven. Alex Lloyd’s Black the sun, for when I met my hubby and were doing the long distance thing…

    I could go on and on.

    Glad you’re finding your self again.


    • Mrs.Savage says

      Love your music Jody, I forgot about that Alex Lloyd CD – takes me back to a particular time too :)

  2. says

    It’s amazing how music can transport us back to younger days. I can relate to your yearning for your former self… there are so many times I wish I was so care-free again. If I think about it too much I get resentful, so I try to embrace the ‘new normal’. For me the Counting Crows album ‘August and Everything After’ evokes special memories of my 20’s. And I can’t listen to U2’s Joshua Tree without reminiscing of my travels through the USA and Ireland. Ah! Lovely post, Carli. x

  3. says

    Music is my magic time machine. I swear I can smell and taste it.

    Jeff Buckley was my teenage angsty years. Pearl Jam was my 17 and in love stage. Counting Crows was when I discovered that the top 20 wasn’t the only music that existed.

    I think I need to make a nostalgic playlist for myself!

    • Mrs.Savage says

      Oh god I loved that Jeff Buckley CD, takes me right back to a train ride home from work, just like that x

  4. Nat - Muddy Farmwife says

    Whenever I need a boost I put on one of my old CDs and bop around the house. Funnily enough my girls are developing a real love for 80s music!!

  5. says

    I’m so out of touch with my old self and for the first time in ages last night I actually played me a bit of Jack Johnson :-), those summery chilled out vibes it was a good place. Album that comes to mind for me Phil Collins – in the air tonight – takes me right back to an art excursion to Montsalvat in year 11 but there are so many songs that when you hear them you are instantly taken back to another time.

  6. Sonia Life Love Hiccups says

    Love the Jack he is a regular on our iPod. In fact we had him playing at our BBQ today. Coldplay is also a fave, too. I like your taste in music Hun and yes I often wonder what happened to the old me. Every now and then I get glimpses, but then she is buried under apile of washing somewhere. X

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