Why do you blog?

If you’re a blogger it’s possible you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of these types of questions from friends or family. What’s the point of your blog? What do you get out of it? You’re a bit weird aren’t you? – oh wait, that’s just what I think they’re saying.

If you’re the relative or acquaintance of a blogger perhaps you’re just asking because you’re trying to understand the medium better or you can’t work out why anyone would publish personal details in a public forum.

If you watch Packed to the Rafters you might believe we’re all being courted by major publications to write columns or that our post office boxes are brimming with freebies. Not so.

I was once asked to write a review about a book on “anal play”. I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or offended. I still don’t even know what anal play is and I’m pretty sure Julie Rafter dealt with hundreds of those emails before landing a paid gig. I wonder whether she reviewed the book and I’ve been doing it all wrong?

So why do I blog? To begin with, I enjoy writing. I suppose you could say it’s an urge. Some people don’t understand that much like I don’t understand the urge some people have to play badminton. We’re all wired differently.

Many students studying their Communications degree have blogs. In one particular unit of study we were given a list of journalists to follow on Twitter, many of them have their own blogs.

We’re entering a digital age where portfolios are morphing into blogs and social media is the new networking so I guess this is my own little space where I get to dress my kids up like hipsters and hope they don’t hate me for it when they’re thirteen.

Some days I have an out of body experience and find myself thinking “you are one of those weird people who blogs, why are you doing this? Someone is on google trying to find out your last name and they are going to find where you live and steal your children” but then I remember the by-product of blogging is connecting with people who are on your own wavelength. Meeting people you could never find while pushing your kid on a swing in a park.

Why do you blog? Why do you ask people why they blog? Should I have reviewed “Tickle My Tush?



  1. says

    I watched it too and I can’t bear to imagine what people think now about my blogging.
    I can’t remember if I ever blogged about Potty training- though I am sure I was good at it because I did two at once and it would have been so interesting for everyone!
    Ps I have no idea about anal play either eeekkk.

    • Mrs.Savage says

      I can’t believe they’ve gone to the lengths of setting up a fake Vintage Mum blog on the Rafters website. Cheesy.

  2. Dr Bron says

    You mean “Savage” isn’t your last name??????????? I’m gobsmacked.


    You make the idea of someone stealing the children a bad thing….. Most days it is, but, grrrrrrr, SOME days….

    • Mrs.Savage says

      Haha no, unfortunately my husband’s fancy Italian surname is a little too unique and I’m not sure “the family” would appreciate it being associated with anal play ;)

  3. says

    I started off blogging to document my life and show off my crafty stuff. Then I realised that I really loved the writing part of it. Then I found that there was a lovely community of bloggers out there who ‘got’ blogging and didn’t think I was strange.

    All of those things keep me blogging.

    And I’m thinking that had you reviewed that book, you would have inherited a whole new kind of reader…

  4. says

    Hahaha, hmmmm, no don’t review the book. Ick!

    I blog because I have that compulsion to write. I’m not sure I do it particularly well but I enjoy it. Before I started blogging I had so many ideas for novels and characters floating round in my head but I was always too scared to write them down – ‘what if it’s no good?’ ‘what if I work really hard on it and it leads to nothing?’ – but I don’t have that fear so much with blogging.

    The social aspect of it was something I was so ill-prepared for but I LOVE and am now in a position where I can’t give it up because I’m so addicted to the connection side of it.

  5. says

    I don’t watch packed to the rafters (shock horror) so I missed what everyone was talking about.

    I blog for community, I blog because, like you, I have the urge to write. I blog because I genuinely believe I have something to offer.

    And it’s fun!

  6. says

    Yes, I wonder what other non-bloggers think about my blogging motivation too. Much like yours, the compulsion to write. I missed this episode (because I don’t watch it) – but sounds quite funny! At least blogging is being talked about in traditional media!

    • Mrs.Savage says

      I like to pop quiz my husband about blogging perceptions “they think you’re wife’s weird don’t they?” etc, etc :)

  7. Daisy says

    Oh I usually love a bit of rafters, but have avoided it the last couple of weeks. It’s a bit cringeworthy! I blog because I simply can’t keep it all inside, and the idea of writing this all out in a journal just to be thrown out when I die hurts my feelings!

  8. says

    I have a couple of friends who blog and I was really intrigued – I started it as a bit of an experiment and then my friend found me and I thought, well why not give it ago. I found it so addictive and realized how much I have been needing some sort of creative outlet . It’s quite therapeutic !

  9. says

    My first blog was set up because as a marketing student many employers interviewing me expected me to be online, active and blogging (personal branding). But then it got boring just writing about my studies, so I closed the blog and relaunched with my new blog. I blog on Silly Mummy because I have a passion to write but I want to write about what really matter to me – my family, my life, my struggles and strengths. But as I approach my graduation I again need to be online, active and blogging – as a student. So I have to relaunch a professional blog which I hope to launch when this semester ends.

    As for Packed to the Rafters – I was a bit embarrassed for the producers making Julie Rafter a too Hollywoodsy type of blogger. I’ve watched the series and the way they developed her as a blogger was fast and sort of inaccurate. Plus I didn’t quite like how they made Dave pass all these comments about having virtual friends etc. Are the producers trying to insult/make fun of bloggers? Or promoting blogging? I was confused as to what they were trying to achieve.

    • Mrs.Savage says

      I have to admit to not being a fan of the show so it was probably never going to curry favour with me. Thanks for sharing why you blog too. We haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty of being online in our degree yet so it’s nice to know how others were directed. x

  10. says

    I’m a bit like Maria above. But in my own words, I started my blog for community and a creative outlet or engagement and expression. It does help me think and get my cogs turning both as I think of what to write, what to photograph but also as I comment on other blogs. Pity of late I’ve had much less time to do it all. I am always itching too but just can’t squeeze it in.

    • Mrs.Savage says

      There is never enough time is there? I can imagine your last few posts have kept you very busy too with the amount of references, etc. too.

  11. says

    I originally started blogging just as somewhere I could send people to look at my hats when they wanted to see what I do, but then I found I also wanted to write about other stuff. So I created my new blog which I thought about for a least 6 months before actually starting it, as I was afraid I just wouldn’t have stuff to write about that was worthy of being on a blog and guess I’m really still feeling my way with the whole blogging thing.

  12. says

    I thought it was hilarious that Julie went from blogger, to columnist to radio presenter in 3 episodes. She is doing well!

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