Whose side are you on?

Celebrity splits. They happen almost daily and don’t we just love them? It can be difficult to remember that behind the media frenzy are real people, yet despite this my family and I can often be caught dissecting the finer points of a celebrity separation over Mum’s latest copy of OK magazine. She was too career-focused. He wanted babies. She was too demanding. He was too boring. Break-ups which seemed to provoke the most division were the following:

Peter Andre & Jordan

On the surface Katie Price was never going to win this one. Pete came from a good Greek upbringing and avoided mouthing off to the press. But just who allowed that wedding to happen? And whose decision was it to name their daughter Princess? Was it difficult facing a decaying career whilst your wife made it onto the The Sunday Times rich list? I have no idea. And my sisters and I would try to piece the puzzle together through tracing their proceeding marriages but we’ve lost count.


Brad & Jen

I don’t know about this desperate for babies malarkey. I actually feel a little sorry for Jen that, when keying both their names in Google, the third most popular search term is “boring”. Brad obviously wanted more out of life. Like the hottest woman alive and six mouths to feed more. But I like that they seem amicable now. All’s fair in love and war-torn goodwill ambassador town.


Russell Brand and Katy Perry

There’s something not right about the eyes here. I can’t imagine how tiring it would be trying to explain your witty British humour to a woman who thinks feeling like a plastic bag in the wind is dire. Can you see where I’m going with this? Go team Russell.


Ben and J-Lo

J-Lo is a woman who cannot be contained. She’s a slashie (a dancer/actress/singer/marathon runner) and I am embarrassed to admit that when her movies are on TV for the fiftieth time that month I still have trouble looking away. Go team Jen.


Do you agree with my verdicts? Whose side are you on? Do you have any other divisive splits?

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