What the Olympics have taught me so far…

  • That the Illawarra Lawn Bowl’s Club is a long way from the Netherlands.

  • That the opening ceremony might make sense on LSD

  • That if you look up ‘cute’ in the dictionary you will find a picture of London 2012 Chairman Sebastian Coe circa 1984.

  • That Australian female Olympians are not entitled to business class airfares, despite having a better chance at gold than their male colleagues who are too busy lapping up all that leg room and squealing ‘More nuts?! More everything!’.

  • That when Mexico wins a gold medal, I go to Salsa’s between 2pm and 3pm for free tacos.

  • That your country might be under-performing in the pool but you can still find reasons to celebrate.

 What have you learned from the Olympics so far?

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  1. Sharron says

    I have learnt that our BBC commentary team appears to have adopted your fellow countryman Thorpedo, a pretty cool commentator and all round nice bloke. That Danny Boyle is a national treasure, and that I am a little bit proud to be English. Oh and I have just learnt that Michael Phelps is an actual demi God who has just won his 19th Olympic medal :)

  2. Workingwomenaustralia says

    I have learnt that I’m cringing just a little at some of tantrums our Aussie team are having. I have also learnt that I can justify my twitter/Facebook time because if it’s legit enough to be part of the opening ceremony then that’s good enough for me!

  3. Deb_BrightandPrecious says

    Your Olympic observations amuse me greatly. I’m still dumbfounded about the inequality of treatment of the women’s basketball team.

  4. says

    I have to say Im enjoying the perve-fest. But apart from that, as a friend of mine said today: The Olympics have jumped the shark.
    Bad refereeing; disqualifications for athletes who break the rules – unless they’re British; Product placement to the extreme; and treating silver medallists as losers. I’m over it.

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