What not to do when tired and emotional

Assemble furniture that involves an allen key

I don’t need to go there do I?  All I can say is you haven’t lived until you’ve spent two hours putting together a desk only to realise one panel is back to front.  Add no sleep or an equally matching-in-emotional-state spouse and you have the exact recipe for someone leaving the house in a huff.

Untangle necklaces

I have a fine gold necklace that I love.  It lives in its own little pouch and I don’t know what it gets up to in there but I can only surmise that someone plays with it when I’m not watching.  I would wear it more often but I know that would involve twenty minutes of untangling thirteen different knots and cursing “whoever has been playing with my necklace!!”

Put a cover on a couch

I wash these arseho covers in cold water.  I hang dry them.  So why is it that every time I put them back on the couch it feels like someone swapped them for a size too small?  I might have actually shed real tears while trying to do this last week on three hours sleep.

Thread a drawstring through a waistband

I know there is supposed to be a special way of doing this with a safety pin or a pen but I can never remember so I just stopped buying things with drawstrings.

Let your children have free reign with play dough

My son loves watching YouTube clips of playdough, in particular one involving an ice-cream making machine set to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.  I’m not sure if it was the terrible, yet annoyingly catchy, music but in a moment of weakness I decided to buy him said machine.  If you happen to swing by my house before the next recycle-bin collection day, you can pick yourself one up for free.

Have you got any more tips on what to avoid when tired or emotional?


  1. says

    Never try to put the cover of a quilt back on. This little job undoes me when life is sunshines and fairy kisses so you can only imagine what it does on the not-so-happy days!!

  2. Maxabella says

    Oh yes, yes, yes… All of it. Although I suck at doing all these things when well rested too.

    And separating the laundry. When t and e (and sometimes, just when living) I just can’t do it. The whites can breed with the colours and to hell with it.


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