What I know about writing


I can still remember the handwriting test we took in Primary School.  The one in pencil.  The teacher looked carefully at my capital B and spoke encouraging words of a job well done.  She settled a star upon the page but she didn’t give me a pen.

I watched everyone else take up their books.  They all got pens.

I was not a brave child.  I did not like approaching adults.  My father once made my sister return a broken toy at the Cheltenham markets to teach her a lesson in bravery.  She still talks about it now with the hurt of small child.

Yet I wanted my damn pen.

I found my voice and I got that pen but I sometimes feel like I haven’t quite graduated from a pencil.  I see pens everywhere and their beauty is often crippling.

I write with a pencil every day.  I push messy thoughts through a fine sieve and try to find some clarity.  I learn things.  I edit.  I reconcile things.  I edit.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.

Writing is revealing, it’s purifying and it’s educating.  It’s finding your own voice and it’s sometimes asking for that damn pen.

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