Try the Chicken

You know what I suck at?  Roast chicken.  Yesterday I was feeling brave and decided I wanted a little bit of Maggie Beer in my life but by the time I had gone back to the supermarket to find “verjuice” I was literally running out of my own juice.  Add two hungry children under four and a champagne bottle with a broken cork into the mix and the whole thing was a bit of a debacle.

Why am I telling you this?  Because the chicken itself came out pretty tasty and if I’d had the energy I might’ve taken a few over-stylised snaps and given you the recipe – but you know what?  That would’ve felt like lying.

The reality was that I ate my meal while sitting on the lid of a toilet seat and keeping an eye on my children in the bath.  I might have even dropped a thigh fillet on my favourite black jeans.

This morning I’ve had to use the Find My iPhone program to locate a missing phone stuck inside a doona cover.  I’ve prised a garlic clove from the roof of my daughter’s mouth and made sure the spider that bit my husband wasn’t too venomous.  My three year old has called me a “bum cracker” no less than seven times already.  I literally cannot muster the energy to talk up a roast chook.

Life is not always jazzed up chicken.  Sometimes it’s being impatient with your husband and children because you were up late cramming for an assignment and can’t find your phone.  Today I’m weighing up the worth of pursuing a university degree when it appears to occasionally turn me into a cranky mother.

I guarantee I look worse than this today

Will my children look back and think “she was sometimes a little too short-tempered” or will they be better rounded adults because they learnt that the world does not revolve around their every whim?

I once read a tweet from a high profile woman in media that went something along the lines of hating mothers who resent their children for a life they can no longer achieve.  It really disappointed me and I would HATE my children to ever think that was the case.  They inspired me to make changes, be a better person, take on challenges.  It’s just a twisted irony that my new motivation has coincided with small children and lack of spare time.

I get questioned quite a bit on what I hope to achieve from a Communications degree.  Sometimes I forget why I started myself.  I like learning new things.  I don’t want to go back to finance.  I need a flexible career now that I have children and a husband with a demanding job.  I like writing.  I like new communications and technology.  I have no idea where this will take me but I don’t think I have a defined goal.  Do I need one?

I would love to hear from other parents that juggle study with full-time parenting.  What motivated you to pursue a degree?  Does anyone else have defined career objectives?  Is it necessary to even have one?  Am I asking too many questions??




  1. says

    I am happy to take on a lot of ‘stuff’ in my life because y’know, I like to be busy. But I could never, EVER go back to studying. The day I finished Uni I experienced the most amazing feeling in the world. The realisation that there was nothing, NOTHING hanging over my head. I will never miss that feeling of there always being something that you SHOULD be doing so I really admire any mother willing to take on that load. Not very helpful I know Carli!!

    Oh and PS, my Monday morning started in a similar fashion to yours. I am about to cancel it due to lack of interest!

  2. says

    Hi bum cracker. I totally agree, the whole uni and parenting thing – total killer. I seriously underestimated just how hard it would be. In relation to career goals, I knew I wanted to move into a more niche area of my profession and keep up with the Joneses, so more credentials could achieve that.
    I’m so, so tired.
    I don’t think it matters if you have “career goals” as such. You still have the goals of finishing each essay, presentation, subject etc… The goal of remaining flexible, of doing what you enjoy and getting paid for it. It’s all about achieving the smaller goals that will eventually help you reach the bigger ones. Whatever they may turn out to be.
    (PS. I often eat my dinner on the bathroom floor at bath time. All class.)

  3. Rachvt says

    I am studying with three preschoolers and a grade 1. Its the worst timing, but also the best. It’s gives me something else to think about and reminds me I am a human being with passions and interests of my own, not a housemaid with a gold ring. It is tough especially when assignments are due. My mother cleaned houses when I was born and when I turned 5 back in 1975 (I was youngest of three) she went to University to study. To this day I am so proud of her and all she has achieved. She recently retired as a CEO of a large hospital. She taught me you can have several careers and it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Sure she was grumpy at times, but would have been anyway! I think you’re a great role-model to your kids, just look at the big picture not the small one!

    • says

      Wow – what an achievement from your mother! I couldn’t agree more about the study reminding you that you’re human with interests of your own too.

  4. Deb_BrightandPrecious says

    I love that you don’t lie about the over-stylised chicken. I love that you’re real about all the things you do and think about (and tell us about!). I also think you’re brave for taking on studying whilst parenting young kids. I know that I wouldn’t have the capacity to do such a thing (I can barely just be a mother – nevermind the study) – so I can only sit back and admire you. I agree with you about that tweet. I don’t think mothers do resent their children for a life they can’t achieve. I think it’s a reality that we all crave a life or some semblance of freedom regardless of whether we have children. The problem comes when our modern world doesn’t support mothers to be able to still have a life. THAT’s the problem. Anyway, love your take on it. And I support you in following your interests and ambitions. xx

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