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How to save money online

There’s an assortment of ways you can get bang for your buck online.  Don’t be discouraged by authenticity, colour and fit.  Many online stores have a good returns policy and you can always try things out in one of our…


3 Ways to Brighten Post-Holiday Skin

Microdermabrasion When I look back at my honeymoon photos, it’s not the Chrysler Building that catches my eye but my skin.  Children may have added a murder of crow’s feet to my face but microdermabrasion treatments are the bomb for…


Make-up Expiration Dates

If you’re unsure about buying skincare or makeup products online, or simply want to know how long you’ve had a particular product, then familiarizing yourself with batch codes is a must. Batch codes are printed on most major brand’s products,…

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Bright Lipsticks for the Festive Season

I used to avoid bright lipsticks like the plague.  Convinced they were only made for luscious lips, my thin lips and I would glance forlornly at the MAC display whilst sticking to boring brown neutrals.  Sadly my daughter has inherited…


Kyle & Jackie O Fashion

So you’ve landed yourself a gig as a radio DJ co-host.  You work alongside an oxygen thief who hides behind the pathetic excuse of “freedom of speech” whilst insulting women on their Polish background or breast size.  Because somebody has…

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