3 Ways to Brighten Post-Holiday Skin


Microdermabrasion When I look back at my honeymoon photos, it’s not the Chrysler Building that catches my eye but my skin.  Children may have added a murder of crow’s feet to my face but microdermabrasion treatments are the bomb for brightening your skin and clearing up congestion.  It’s not for everyone so do your research… 

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Make-up Expiration Dates


If you’re unsure about buying skincare or makeup products online, or simply want to know how long you’ve had a particular product, then familiarizing yourself with batch codes is a must. Batch codes are printed on most major brand’s products, either on the product itself or on the box. They are usually a series of… 

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Kyle & Jackie O Fashion


So you’ve landed yourself a gig as a radio DJ co-host.  You work alongside an oxygen thief who hides behind the pathetic excuse of “freedom of speech” while insulting women on their Polish background or breast size. Because somebody has decided to pay you an inordinate amount of money you’ve chosen to laugh encouragingly or… 

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