white night sign

Was this year’s White Night Melbourne too crowded? You betcha. Attendance figures were estimated to be around 500,000 – around 200, 000 more than last year. It was a much more diverse crowd this year; plenty more families and prams and there may have been a couple of Sweet Home Alabama quotes flying around, “Look… 

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chesterville court

If you’re not familiar with Moorabbin, an industrial suburb 15kms south-east from Melbourne, it’s possible you soon will be. To paraphrase Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure “Strange things are afoot”. Along with Danish furniture, panel beaters, lobster, porn and ski hire – you can now find craft beer, top notch burgers and schnitzel with a… 

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Arts Centre Melbourne Winter Season Giveaway

proximity at the arts centre melbourne

The Arts Centre Melbourne’s new Winter season begins this year on July 26. Running for three weeks, there will be over a dozen events featuring theatre, dance, puppetry, music and digital installations. The theme this year is Arts, science and technology. The Arts Centre chose the theme because: We look to science and technology to… 

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White Night Melbourne


Originally conceived in Paris in 2002, White Night or Nuit Blanche is not translation for THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE!! but a dusk ’til dawn showcase of art and culture. Catching a train into an estimated crowd of 100,000 thousand people, only to discover it was closer to 300,000 thousand was a little eye-watering but… 

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