The Quest for Breast


When I discovered an Australian Breastfeeding Association counsellor described formula as ‘a little bit like AIDS‘ to a class of impending parents, my first reaction was not one of surprise. Australia has a very high breastfeeding initiation rate of 92%, a rate comparable with other OECD countries.  But with rates dropping to 14% at six… 

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In defence of mother’s groups


source Poor old mother’s groups, they cop a bad rap don’t they?  According to this article in yesterday’s paper, they’re the next generation of high school “where everything people say is judged, discussed and used in evidence against them as factions take shape and shift”. We’ve all heard the horror stories about competitive behaviour and… 

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The Village is Missing


They say it takes a village to raise a child but I often find myself speculating how a proverb invented by western society that romanticizes African traditions is even relevant in western society. Who are the village when your neighbourhood consists of strangers who might only appear to ask if you could bring their bins… 

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Foxy Over 40


Helen Mirren, 66, is a wonderful actor and much has been made of her timeless beauty. Earlier this year the UK’s Telegraph wrote of her sex appeal having “no expiry date”. At 67, Lauren Hutton looks equally stunning despite famously shunning plastic surgery, “I look the way I look because of my makeup, not because… 

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Mummy’s Boys


Before my son was born I was often heard to say, “I won’t be raising no mummy’s boy”.  Two days after his birth, he was admitted into the NICU with a suspected rotated bowel, (thankfully he was fine), which had me singing “you can have whatever you like” quicker than you can say “Marie Barone”…. 

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Babies. The Natural Contraceptive.

Once upon a time I had an obstetrician who offered a free tubal ligation with a planned c-section. Apparently vasectomies had too many complications and “at my age” I should be avoiding anything involving hormones. Assuming that, when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, it was too difficult for the menfolk to contemplate anything aside… 

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