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Spectator Wear

One of the joys of not having children is the ability to spend hours and hours at sporting events.  Sure, once they’re big enough, you can attempt to bring them into the fold. I once watched a 2 year old…


Christmas Fashion

If there’s one colour that encapsulates Christmas it’s red.  Aside from the obvious reasons of Santa, Rudolph, holly and plump summer cherries there are the lesser known reds.  The red wine-stained teeth, the fraying tempers and bloodshot eyes.  2009 is…


Interest Rate Fashion

This week the Reserve Bank of Australia were ever so kind to slash interest rates by 0.25% – the second reduction in as many months.  Hopefully your Bank is not being a Grinch this Christmas and has passed the rate…

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Foo Fighter’s Fashion

Tonight the Foo Fighters are in town.  As a young whippersnapper, heading to a major gig would be met with great anticipation.  The album would be on high rotation.  There would be much discussion surrounding food and drink prior to…

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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Now that I have a daughter I occasionally catch myself thinking about the ways in which she will seek to destroy our lives as a teenager and it’s not turning up with Darren from the housing commission flats that’s concerning…

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