A most peculiar lunch

dandenong ranges

We headed to the hills this morning. In usual fashion, we were entirely unprepared for hungry children and spent a good third of the day deciding which tranquil looking tearoom to inflict ourselves on. Then I spotted her, tucked neatly in the foothills, a kitschy little cafe promising hot soup and homemade scones. “Will there… 

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Arts Centre Melbourne Winter Season Giveaway

proximity at the arts centre melbourne

The Arts Centre Melbourne’s new Winter season begins this year on July 26. Running for three weeks, there will be over a dozen events featuring theatre, dance, puppetry, music and digital installations. The theme this year is Arts, science and technology. The Arts Centre chose the theme because: We look to science and technology to… 

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Fading music memory


I collected the ticket stubs, I bought the t-shirts, I poured over the magazines that coincided with their tours. I don’t remember throwing these things away but they’re long gone and I’d probably be okay with that if my memory wasn’t fading away too. There are so many gigs, concerts and festivals that time has… 

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White Night Melbourne


Originally conceived in Paris in 2002, White Night or Nuit Blanche is not translation for THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE!! but a dusk ’til dawn showcase of art and culture. Catching a train into an estimated crowd of 100,000 thousand people, only to discover it was closer to 300,000 thousand was a little eye-watering but… 

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Sound City

sound city poster

I was lucky enough to catch Dave Grohl’s documentary on analog music studio, Sound City last night. Birthplace to recordings After the Gold Rush, Rumors and Nevermind – it’s a tribute to an iconic recording studio and a reflection on the changing face of the music industry. Grohl was supposedly inspired to make the film… 

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