chesterville court

If you’re not familiar with Moorabbin, an industrial suburb 15kms south-east from Melbourne, it’s possible you soon will be. To paraphrase Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure “Strange things are afoot”. Along with Danish furniture, panel beaters, lobster, porn and ski hire – you can now find craft beer, top notch burgers and schnitzel with a… 

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Try the Chicken


You know what I suck at?  Roast chicken.  Yesterday I was feeling brave and decided I wanted a little bit of Maggie Beer in my life but by the time I had gone back to the supermarket to find “verjuice” I was literally running out of my own juice.  Add two hungry children under four… 

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sitting in the waiting room


Given that my children appear prone to infections involving high temperatures, you would think that I’ve become  somewhat accustomed and perhaps even a little jaded when it happens.   Not so and I can often be found googling meningitis late at night, calling the nurse’s hotline and panicking about the lack of an appetite “but she… 

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The Club


Whenever my husband and I decide to dine out with our children I find myself pondering why.  Why do we put ourselves through it?  The question generally arises somewhere between shutting the car door and before the first glass of wine.  Sometimes the wine helps.  Sometimes it doesn’t. Sunday night we were invited to a… 

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Raspberry Cheesecake Slice

cheesecake slice

Exercise has fallen somewhere behind children, uni assignments and blogging and I miss the effect it has on my brain because it somewhat resembles the town of Winterfell in there right now. Despite this one must eat and to soothe the war inside my head I find carbohydrates and refined sugars the perfect combatant.  Funny… 

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