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How to start a blog without even trying

I’ve heard a number of people say “I want to start a blog” of late. Some have been tweens, some are approaching sixty, some are new mums with a great eye for affordable fashion. Even my mum has mentioned starting…

plane taking off from sydney

Humility, blogging and the fear of flying

The last time I spent a night away from my family was in 2009. I drove to the Victorian town of Daylesford for a relaxing weekend and managed to chafe two layers of calf skin off during an ill-conceived trek…

How to blog

  I’ve been blogging less of late. I’ve been critiquing blogs at uni. I’ve been researching them at work. Echo Chambers, hall of mirrors, homophily, the microblogging world of Twitter. I’ve been investing my resources elsewhere and now I’m not…

this glue tastes funny

Work, babies, anything

I always intended to return to work following my first child. It took fifteen months to get my act together. Child care centres were visited and waiting lists paid for. By the time my hiatus was up, I was left…


Leaving on a jet plane

My mother recently told me, “I don’t think you should write personal things on your blog anymore.” She spoke from a protective parent stance and I’d be lying if I hadn’t started to second guess what I share here myself….

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