Something exciting is happening!


It doesn’t quite require a marching band but hey, one can dream right? You’ve possibly noticed I’ve had a wee facelift (yes I’m speaking in an Irish accent now, that’s a Saint Pat’s parade I’m marching in) but I also have a small announcement to make that doesn’t involve custom style sheets, SEO, HTML and Firebug and that pleases me greatly.

I will be doing a spot of writing over at Kidspot. I’m writing for a campaign focusing on rural, regional and city dwellers. I’ll be interviewing a diverse range of bloggers and families about their lifestyle and today’s post is about the benefits and pitfalls of making a sea/tree/urban change. I would love it if you checked it out.

Living in an urban area, it’s not difficult to appreciate the reasons why people seek to make the transition – gridlock, high mortgages, cancelled trains, disconnected communities, cost of living – they can all have you clicking the search button on a real estate website quicker than you can say ‘rat race’.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably dreamed of escaping to a quaint coastal town too. I do it so often, I almost find myself forgetting about the snakes. And the spiders. And the jumping jacks. And those rabbits with the freakishly large eyes….almost.


  1. Kirrily says

    Brill! Love the new look. It is exceptional, you have a great eye. And a campaign focusing on regional, rural and city dwellers? Er… that just about covers all of us!

  2. Catherine RodieBlagg says

    Congratulations on the writing gig, Carli! That’s awesome. Love the new look too – all very exciting indeed xx

  3. Donna says

    Woohoo! Very exciting! Congrats to you for the writing. I look forward to ready your posts over at KIdspot! And the bloglift is great! Love the addition of colour. xx

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