sitting in the waiting room

Given that my children appear prone to infections involving high temperatures, you would think that I’ve become  somewhat accustomed and perhaps even a little jaded when it happens.   Not so and I can often be found googling meningitis late at night, calling the nurse’s hotline and panicking about the lack of an appetite “but she will waste away!”

Last week I went to the local GP twice and you know something?  I did not want to be there and when people take to social media to complain about unruly children in doctor’s waiting rooms, it makes me feel somewhat postal.

Anyone who thinks a parent wants to sit in a waiting room with a bored toddler and a sick baby is perhaps visiting the wrong type of doctor.  In the interests of us all getting along, I apologise on behalf of all the children loudly reading ancient, half-eaten books, possibly covered in the pertussis virus, while you were trying to be self-absorbed in your sickness.  P.S. Babysitters don’t grow on trees.

As for my daughter, last night she ate and the whole world rejoiced (ok maybe that was just me).  Sometimes there’s nothing greater than the simple joy of watching a sick child turn a corner and eat their first meal.



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Do you love sitting in the waiting room?




  1. says

    Absolutely. Nothing like seeing them turn the corner. And I couldn’t agree with your more about waiting rooms. I have had to bring mine to the doctors plenty of times. No babysitters available, no family nearby – and definitely not my choice. Your little girl looks positively angelic. x

  2. says

    I hate sitting in waiting rooms, too. I never want to be there, I just want my daughter to be well, please! I have also been known to phone nurse on call on more than one occasion. I google childhood illnesses far to often.
    Your little girl is just beautiful, glad she’s getting better :)

  3. Dianne says

    Currently waiting for my son to turn a corner. I too need to learn not to freak out because he’s not eating.

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