Retro playground equipment

It’s difficult to look at modern playground equipment and not feel a pang for the swings and slides of my youth. Unfortunately many proved to be serious safety hazards and were phased out around fifteen years ago.

My favourite childhood park was Caulfield, it was a mecca of unsafe playground equipment in the eighties. From memory there were three playgrounds interconnected by an aviary which I’m now wondering if I am hallucinating reading that back (if anyone else can confirm peacocks in the middle of an urban park, that’d be great).

My playground equipment of choice sort of looked like a Wizzy Dizz on a swing. Unwritten law said that no one swung inside the ball, you had to sit astride it and preferably while smoking a packet of lolly fags.

On quiet days, we owned that park. On busy days THERE IS ANOTHER GODDAMN KID ON MY WIZZY DIZZ!! is kind of how it went down. Other favourites included:

retro playground - the rocket

 The Moon Rocket

(photo credit: Nels_P_Olsen via photopin cc)

Retro playground - trailblazer slide

 The Trailblazer Slide

(photo credit: Nels_P_Olsen via photopin cc)


 The Lifetime Whirl (or hurl)

(photo credit: Nels_P_Olsen via photopin cc)


 I don’t know the official name of this one but “See-Saw Swing of Pain” is probably apt

(photo credit: Nels P Olsen via flickr cc)

Retro playground - everwear slide

 Wavy slide (Really, what could go wrong?)

(photo credit: Nels_P_Olsen via photopin cc)

Did you have a favourite piece of playground equipment as a kid?


  1. says

    I remember cutting my hands on a metal slide very similar to that wavy slide in the last picture. Imagine if that happened now…I could sue for millions!

  2. Lana (Sharpest Pencil) says

    I remember a horse like thing we had at our local park (in South Africa). It was salmon pink and about 5 people could sit on it and it rocked a bit like a see saw. It was the one piece of equipment everyone wanted and then fought over who would sit on the front.

    Your pics brought back great memories xxxx

    • says

      I found a picture of what looked like a picnic table crossed with a swing, hard to be believe we made it out alive! I like the sound of a salmon pink see-saw x

  3. Jackie K @ Working Through It says

    We took the kids on holiday to Greece last year and the playgrounds all looked like these! Brought back memories for me too – those old wooden see-saws were so painful! Love that wavy slide – can’t you just picture kids bouncing off that hump over the side?

  4. BrandonAbraham says

    I must say the playground equipments installed here specially the “Moon Rocket” is one of my favorite. Recently I have also installed some playground stuff from DCM Surfaces at my backyard. I was never brought in light about Moon Rocket. My kids will be fond of it for sure. Thanks for sharing….!

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