Protect Your Brand

Are you protecting your brand?  Engaging with the right people?  Making friends in management?  You comment in all the right places.  You’ve stopped fraternizing with call-centre staff.  Self-promote.  Self-promote.

Don’t get caught talking to the emotionally unstable girl.  Keep away from opinionated types.  Self edit.  Self edit.  Delete that tweet.

Move softly softly through the financial crisis, head down “Don’t pick me.  Don’t pick me”.  You’ve lost your job.  Your baby’s due.   Are you still worth more than a twenty dollar voucher?  What about the chance of winning one?  Please bend over for the large corporation.  We’ll take your children too.

Diversify.  Adapt or die.  Be authentic – I love you fictitious marshmallow #greatestmarshmalloweva!  “Please pick me.  Please pick me”.  Find a girl, settle down.  Have some kids.  Find a nursing home.  Promote your brand.  Promote your brand.  Eat your vitamized meat.  Don’t talk to Beryl.  They won’t give you extra wine.  Adapt or die.  Adapt or die.



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