pipi e patati

Marrying an Italian Australian has some wonderful benefits.  Sure, there was the time I ate boiled pig fat just to keep a Nonna happy but you only live once and imagine my delight at being given instructions for killing a chicken – “just put your foot on the flappy thing and twist”. Excellent!

My husband says it as he sees it.  Some people might consider this tactless but exercising your opinion is actually considered a right in some European cultures. This can be tricky for him when he catches his wife in the wrong mood but most of the time she counts herself lucky for having someone who tells her how much she means to him all the time.

Being a big fan of eating, obviously the benefits of Italian food are unparalleled.  Pipi e patati (peppers and potatoes) would have to be one of my favourite Calabrian dishes. It is simple to make and great comfort food.

Mix it all together and enjoy with crusty bread. Check out that oil factor (I never said it was healthy people).

What’s your comfort food?


  1. My comfort food is generally anything containing carbohydrates (preferably high GI, stodgy and deliciously bad for you in large quantities)!!! This looks so delicious.

  2. As a fellow Italian-Australian by marriage, I sympathise with the pig / chicken scenarios. We got some chickens in in February to lovingly raise as pets. Nonna met the chickens and said loudly in front of the children “They’ll be perfect for Christmas dinner”. Nice! x

    • Mrs.Savage

      Oh that is funny. I don’t like to think about how that stuff ends up on my plate…but I’ll gladly eat it :)

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