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brightening face peel

Brightening Face Peel review

I’ve never been one for face peels, particularly before an event. Remember the veil Samantha from Sex & The City wore to Carrie’s book launch? “I just wanted to look a little fresh” “You look like beef carpaccio!” Needless to say, I now find myself staring down the barrel of a Botox gun and as… 

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Good Intentions

I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions.  Sure there’s an allure to starting afresh on the first day of a new year but it’s all a bit like only starting diets on Mondays.  It doesn’t work. A few weeks ago I began entertaining the idea of booking a hotel for our sixth wedding anniversary… 

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Maurice and Me

Last year beloved children’s author Maurice Sendak passed away. I grew up on Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen. My cousins and I adored that Mickey nuded up in the night kitchen and were oblivious to the controversy the book caused. It was ranked 25th in the “100 Most Frequently Challenged… 

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Friends without kids

I shared a pleasant exchange with a stranger today. Her puppy ran over to us, a gangly little Hungarian Visla. I told her he was beautiful and she thanked me. My kids were thrilled to have a pat and we thanked her back. She mentioned how great it was to get him used to children… 

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A magazine called In Touch talking about $1 million dollar push presents.....

2012. What I missed.

As the year winds down to an end, please allow me to reflect on the moments of 2012 that went straight over my head: The Olympics Excellent Danny Boyle opening ceremony this is GREAT!  Is it over yet? Peter Slipper When it comes to edible underwater creatures, mussels would have to be my favourite. I’d… 

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Music Nostalgia

I love digital music but I’m nostalgic for old formats. The crackle of my parent’s albums. My sister sharing notes engraved on an EP. The year I turned five, Sony released the Walkman and I can still remember the sounds of flattening batteries and play buttons. When the first portable compact disc players arrived it… 

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No country for old men

My father’s side of the family has a rich history of indigestion and gall stones. Yesterday, shortly after my brother shared his heartburn tablets, I found myself asking “why me?” I woke on Christmas Day at 4:30am to a searing pain across my upper abdomen. Was it a direct result of the Vindaloo I ate… 

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