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exercise and staying motivated

Exercise and staying motivated

Back in July I wrote about venturing into the scary world of boot camps. After years of turning up to the gym, sometimes to gossip or because bacon was waiting afterwards, I made the decision to end my membership. Eleven weeks later and it’s taken roughly 4-6 training sessions per week to lose around eight… 

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Everybody needs good neighbours

Last week I submitted a piece of short fiction for uni. Ignoring the fact that it was mostly rubbish, I decided to draw on my experiences of apartment living. I’ve lived in four different apartment complexes, five if you include a sprawling estate that once featured in a local paper on account of its magnificent… 

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I like to mow

I like mowing the lawn. I get satisfaction from the menial labour it entails – getting the edges straight, the repetitive emptying of clippings and sweeping away the trails of grass. I’m not a neat mower. My mantra is ‘ get the job done’ and ‘avoid wasp nests’ – my brother-in-law and husband have both… 

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Social media mishaps

One of my favourite reads over the weekend was Richard Glover’s The myth of perfectability: If we trip on the pavement, if our child doesn’t master mathematics as well as his peers, or if the clothes shop doesn’t stock our size, the correct response is now a sense of aggrieved anger, with a Facebook protest… 

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I see fake people

I recently made mention to my husband just how much I disliked phony people “Well they’re everywhere,” he said. I don’t know if he’s imagining spectres by the bed but the more I thought about it, the more I realised we all harbour traits that could be construed as phony. We might tolerate a work… 

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I recently started a part-time role in social media. Working from home – I don’t have to wear shoes, makeup or pants and my brain is feeling satisfyingly fortified yet fried. Like anything new, there are learning curves, but I think I’m taking it all in – I’ve even had the opportunity to miss my… 

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Kids Fashion: Win a $40 voucher to spend at Target

This is a sponsored post for Target My daughter takes after me. We are not ‘neat’ people. I’m pretty sure you could dress us in head to toe French designer and we would still make it look scruffy. I am prone to getting addresses wrong and spilling food on my clothes. She eats crayons and… 

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