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exercise and staying motivated

Exercise and staying motivated

Back in July I wrote about venturing into the scary world of boot camps. After years of turning up to the gym, sometimes to gossip or because bacon was waiting afterwards, I made the decision to end my membership. Eleven weeks later and it’s taken roughly 4-6 training sessions per week to lose around eight… 

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citrus trees


The thing about trying to turn your house into a home is that eventually the investments you’ve made start sticking to your skin. Two years turns into five years turns into ten years. Suddenly your first baby has started school and you’re still having the same discussion “how much longer can we share one bathroom?“… 

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dinner party

The death of the dinner party

I was chatting to a relative at a family function yesterday about dinner parties and why they don’t seem as prevalent as they once were. I have fond memories of my parents having friends over. Of prawn cocktails and brown wooden serving bowls; casseroles and heated debate. My siblings and I all remember when Lorraine… 

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head space

How to find head space

I recently parked my car in the city and boarded a tram; a simple action that six years ago was an almost daily occurrence. This time however, it was completely unsettling. I felt self conscious about my actions. Was I swiping my ticket correctly? Was I standing in people’s way? I stepped off the tram… 

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Dance like nobody’s watching the Newsroom

When was the last time you were enthralled by a television series; when you watched eleven episodes straight, risking nose bleeds and total incompetence at work the next day? With so many shows pushing the standard of television to lofty heights, it’s a common occurrence at home and so I’ve learned to be cut throat… 

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social media apps


In a recent article ‘You are what you tweet‘, The New Yorker wrote about personal branding in the age of social media “Although image maintenance is nothing new, the images we’re presenting are now available online, all the time, and are presumed to meaningfully represent us.” Today, branded celebrities are largely accepted; we barely bat… 

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Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.04.27 PM

Australian Election Results Printable

I’ve been to the polling booths and I’ve had my say. I fresh aired the ALP and LNP volunteers because obviously they are all to blame for the current state of affairs (can you imagine what some of these poor people must deal with?). I voted beneath the line and discovered it’s not particularly easy… 

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