Of Styling Sessions

This Friday I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to try out a styling session at Westfield Doncaster.  I have always wanted someone to tell me how to dress for my lifestyle and shape – more so since I’ve discovered blogging has added a few kilos – so when the email came through I thought about it for, hmm 20 seconds.

I am trying to keep a lid on my excitement.  I really don’t want to scare my stylist since she looks awfully fashionable but I’ll be honest – I am pinning the ABSOLUTE crap out of this thing.

I’ll be speaking to my stylist before Friday to talk over my objectives for the session.  With no more swanky CBD building to work out of but plenty of vegemite-encrusted hands to run from – my wardrobe has become a staple of denim, long tops and flat shoes.  Flat boots, flat sneakers, flat ballet flats.  I need to put a fresh spin on this whole casual thing.

This is just a small example of my pinning frenzy.  If you’d like to check out the rest of my styling session inspiration you can find the board here.

I have promised my husband that this will NOT culminate in the spending of (too much) money.  He has nothing to fear except for one unhealthy obsession with a pair of boots.  An obsession that is the very axis on which my pinterest board spins.

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

I cannot tell you the amount of time I have spent on the internet looking at these boots.  It totals days.  Possibly weeks.  It’s a sickness.  I don’t know why I can’t complete a 2000 word essay on the state of the Australian film industry but literal hours melt away while I put these shoes in multiple shopping carts without actually purchasing them (that trick only works to sate an addiction for so long).

I love them.  They will make me happy.  In my mind my legs will look like Kate Bosworth even if the reality is less ankle and more cankle.

Do you have any tips for convincing your husband that shoes are an investment?!