Now you are one

You know your own mind already and I won’t lie, sometimes it frightens me.  I pray that you use it for good and stand your ground against the ills of the world, like potential suitors in side button track pants named Daryl.  And shorts with the incorrect ratio of front pocket to denim material.

Your independence means that sometimes I catch myself pining for the occasional cuddle and holding of hands.  Then I remind myself that I won the lottery.  Children that are healthy.  Children that will never know famine, violence and war.  I sometimes look into your adult face and ask “Is our country doing the right thing by the children who do know these things yet?”.  I hope so.

I also think about whether you’ll watch The Sound of Music with me.  If you’ll have ambition.  Or find love.  I’m not sure that all of them matter.  Love and ambition can be over-rated.  ‘My Favourite Things’ however, is not.

Whatever you decide you deserve to find those fleeting moments of pure happiness.  You give it back in spades.  And when you think your mother is the worst person in the world, just remember that we weren’t always so different.

A favourite poem that your nanny once read to me.

Happy birthday little girl.


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    I adore this! What a remarkable gorgeous spirit she has! I love that you see it and nourish it. I love your hilarious perspective on life – as always. And I love that poem! (Is it A.A. Milne?). Happy Birthday to your amazing girl! xx

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