My hair would like a word

I’ve had some interesting hairstyles in my time.  Massive blunt fringes, fire engine red, the Rachel from Friends, the Posh Spice Pob, the longer Lob, the Daphne from Neighbours (I was in grade four okay).  I’ve run the gamut of hair salons from $25 student cuts to a $350 GPO session on my 30th birthday that had me walking the streets of Melbourne in tears.

I’ve had hairdressers with insider AFL gossip and others that complained about Jennifer Hawkin’s cankles (yeah I wish I was joking right now too).  Some from the country and others that fled to work in Real Estate.  I’ve even met a Carly who had three older sisters and a younger brother too.  My hairdressing doppleganger only younger and with much cooler hair.

My most recent cutter and colourist combo were too good to be true, it was only a matter of time before it all went pear-shaped.  And it has.  The cutter has left the building.  I feel like I’ve been dumped.  Tomorrow night I meet the replacement.  I am frightened she will have her own vision and no idea what a twisty blow-dry is.  I hope she has gossip.

I’m sticking with the same old do.  It’s been three years – the longest hair relationship I’ve had in awhile but it’s all about low maintenance these days.  One morning of effort that should last 3-4 days.  This is what I’m currently using but you can substitute it for other brands – this isn’t sponsored.  Supermarkets carry most of these products.  There is a great heat protector from Dove that is a less expensive alternative to the Kerastase.

1. Wash hair – apply a volumising mousse to the roots of wet hair.  Add a heat protectant.

2. Blow dry hair and style however you like.  Straighten and tong is my preferred method of heat torture.  I use David Babaii Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier to flatten the crazies and a Rokk Ebony shine spray with an in-built UV protector for the colour that you just spent a bomb on.

3. Day 2 (maybe 3) onwards requires a dry shampoo. Day 4 – a top knot or ponytail.

I’ve professed my love for balayage here.  It’s my most popular post, which I’m not sure whether to take as an insult or not.  Either way I like it because I can touch up my own roots at home and only go in for a colour every three months.

Did you experiment much with your hair?  Have you found a style you’re sticking with?