My Baby’s a Genius

Did you know that Disney is offering refunds on Baby Einstein DVDs that were purchased between June 5, 2004 and September 4, 2009 to avoid a class-action lawsuit for “unfair and deceptive practices”?

If you thought plonking your child in front of a triangle whilst Mozart played in the background was going to improve their IQ, it’s possible you’re not worthy of a refund.  In saying that, babies are often captivated by the simplistic styles of the DVD’s and so I thought “why not just make one myself?”


My three year old can’t get enough of it.  What do you think? 

  • tahlia – the parenting files

    really…. how bizarre… I guess they are covering their backs in case someone comes to them and claims their child is not a concert pianist like they thought they would…. :P x

    • Mrs.Savage

      I wonder if any parent has actually been game enough?!

  • Ms Optimism

    Is there a box set coming out? :)

    • Mrs.Savage

      We’re having some “production” issues ;)

  • Ai Sakura

    Hmm wouldn’t a lot of other children educational dvds fall under that category then?? :P Can you make a special edition for pop videos? My girl would love that heh

    • Mrs.Savage

      Ooo pop’s not my forte but I can give it a shot :)

  • Julie

    Love this! As part of my work, I help out at mother’s groups, educating parents that in fact “plonking your child in front of a triangle…” will NOT make them a genius, and it would be far better for you to play and interact with your baby.

    I think most parents are on board these days, but you would be surprised (or maybe not) at the power of marketing.

    • Mrs.Savage

      The marketing campaign for this one was insidious

  • Mandie

    That was amazing. I especially enjoyed the neighing horse. Could you have just found your niche?!!

    • Mrs.Savage

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the neighing horse! I might be onto something you think?

  • Robyn (@slightly_deep)

    Thanks for the laugh!

    • Mrs.Savage

      No problem, glad you enjoyed :)

  • Rhianna @ A Parenting Life

    This has been the funniest post I have read all day! Love it

  • Naomi

    You just kept my almost 13 year old entertained… then again he’d do anything to avoid homework!

    • Mrs.Savage

      Happy to assist with just a minute of homework avoidance :)

  • Sara @ Tis The Life

    Hilarious!!! I have a couple of those DVDs that I was given but I haven’t played them yet, now I’m intreguued!

    • Mrs.Savage

      Oh yes you’ll have to check them out, it’s uncanny ;)

  • Becky from

    I think you’re on your way to being a gazillionaire.
    It has always astounded me that people believed that a DVD would, in fact, make their child a genius or read at 2 months old or what ever else.

    • Mrs.Savage

      They know how to prey on parent’s insecurities don’t they?

  • Sarah @dearbabyg

    haha loved your video! I didn’t even buy those Einstein dvds when I was in Bali and they were a $1. So glad now! would have been an expensive trip just to get a refund.

    • Mrs.Savage

      Now’s not the time to admit I may have bought one or two in Bali is it ;)

  • Clancy

    Haha I love it! Well done :)

    • Mrs.Savage

      Thanks Clancy :)

  • Mum’s the Word

    the horse whinny won me over.. almost identical to a babt Einstein.. People who think plonking their babies down to dvds will make them “smarter” obviously missed out on enough Mozart as kids themselves :P

    • Mrs.Savage

      I think the horse whinny’s my favourite bit too :)

  • Jess

    It cracked me up that you had trouble putting the shapes in. Maybe you need to watch more genius making DVD’s? ;)

    • Mrs.Savage

      Haha, yes the irony wasn’t lost on me with that one!

  • jody

    That is hilarious! Made me laugh out loud!
    I think your video is way better than the original ones, they were awful!

    x j

    • Mrs.Savage

      Thanks Jody :)

  • dumb mom

    Loved it. Especially the part where the block like barely fit. Yeah, My kid would watch that all day. He’s no genius. But he is super smart!

  • Mrs.Savage

    That stupid block! I should have edited that out ;)

  • Anna @ green tea & toast

    Ahh how this made me laugh! Very funny :)

    • Mrs.Savage

      Glad it gave you a laugh :)

  • MIsha – TheBlingBuoy

    I hadn’t heard of the recall! Does this mean that the Einstein DVD’s made AFTER 2009 will make your baby a genius…. it’s just the ones made before that date won’t? ;)

    • Mrs.Savage

      Maybe they took out some subliminal messages, like the call mensa one!

  • Ana

    I laughed so hard at this! My two year old was actually running around and he seemed to like it. ;)