Mussels in Broth


MUSSELS would have to be one of the easiest and quickest dishes to prepare and that makes me a happy clam.

SIMPLY clean them under some cold water and rip out their beards.  This is particularly therapeutic if you pretend you are pulling out that chin goatee thing some men keep insisting on wearing.

DICE some chilli, tomatoes and crush some garlic.  We’ve had an abundance of beautiful Roma tomatoes in the garden this summer.

FRY your chilli and garlic in a heavy-based saucepan before adding the tomatoes.

ADD some white wine and turn up the heat to boil off the alcohol (or not).  You can also use beer.  I like a Hoegaarden myself.

WHILST the heat is high, close the lid for a few minutes to steam the mussels open.  Throw away any that refuse to come to the party and open up.

DISH it up in a bowl with plenty of broth.  Add some freshly chopped parsley and some crusty bread and you’re done.

SUBSTITUTE the tomatoes, wine and parsley with ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce, brown sugar and coriander for an Asian style broth.


  1. says

    Those mussels look amazing!! I have been feeling the same lately so trying to find my cooking self once again! Will have to make this one! x

  2. Mrs.Savage says

    They really are so easy to cook. I agree with you about a decent cook book helping get you out of a rut too :)

  3. says

    I love this! Perfect timing considering I just posted my first blog recipe today. This one looks great. I shall indeed be linking up as have also lost my cooking mojo and would quite like it back please :)

    • Mrs.Savage says

      Thanks so much for linking up Anna. Your recipe looks delicious and I was given a tagine at Christmas and still haven’t used it so this will be perfect :)

  4. Ruth says

    I adore mussels!

    Not too keen on cleaning them tho. When we get them from the market they’re always covered in sand!

    Supermarket ones are always cleaner.

    They are simple fast food, and so enjoyable!!

  5. says

    Those photos are incredible! Not just the content but the photographic quality. Wow! Honestly, I haven’t cooked anything “grown up” in such a long time. I really should though. We have had a new fresh seafood shop open at our local village so I really need to take better advantage of it. I love mussels so this is a good (and easy) recipe to start with. Ps love the new look website too!

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