Mums Gone Wild. PB Style.

One of the greatest gifts you can give a new mother, old mother, tired mother, bored mother is time out with like-minded individuals.  Based on that simple fact, last weekend’s ProBlogger Training Event was like food for the soul.  Or wine maybe.

I was all rather skeptical heading into my first blogging conference, convinced people were masquerading behind all this apparent “learning” when it was really just an opportunity to GO BATSHIT CRAZY, USE OUR PHONES AND OUR IPADS AND ALL THE THINGS WITHOUT ANYONE ASKING WHERE WE WERE, ARE WE TWEETING AGAIN AND WE’RE HUNGRY MUUUUM!!!

I did actually learn quite a lot and I spoke a little about that here, but now it’s time to talk about the awkward and beautiful thing that it was.

We will ignore the fact that my husband and I were up all night bickering prior to my blog conference cherry popping, no thanks to one long lunch (husband) and one cancelled hairdressing appointment (me).

I didn’t even have time to remember we weren’t supposed to be talking the next day, I was too busy focusing on picking up a woman I’d never even met before because that’s what blogging does.  It challenges your comfort zones if you let it.

I had visions of cars on bricks I won’t lie, so I was incredibly relieved picking up MrsCeeCee.  I’m not sure who dropped the first F-bomb but it was all smooth sailing from there.  Apologies to all the CBD workers on Collins Street that overheard the words “trampoline” “pelvic floor” and “vagina”.

From left to right: Donna from Hung up on Retro, Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags, myself and MrsCeecee from Present Imperfection

The event itself was great.  I dug the amount of over-sharing that went on and who doesn’t enjoy a photobooth?  I love this shot, it reminds me of one of those old-fashioned pics where everyone looks frikking miserable because they married their cousin.  It’s pretty scary how much a moustache suits me.  I’m waiting for the phone to ring, requesting my presence in the next Cormac McCarthy/No Country for Old Men blockbuster.

Yes the event was sometimes overwhelming and I occasionally found myself in awkward situations confusing SEO with CEO (damn you acronyms!) and wondering where the hell the breakout room with soft music and massage chairs was but it was worth the pretty penny and I’m pleased to report no one was nasty, rude or cliquey.

Back at home my mother-in-law was rearranging my kitchen, something I’m not particularly crazy about, but I was all like “hey why didn’t she clean the oven?”!  As for my husband and I, we recovered quite quickly but yes he might be on somewhat of a shorter leash whenever he leaves the house right now….

Do you get out of your comfort zone often?  Did you attend the ProBlogger Event?