Melbourne tips for Problogger Attendees

The ProBlogger Training Event kicks off on Friday.  My organisation skills have so far extended to trying to hide breath mints from a three year old and deciding whether to take a laptop over an iPad.  So far I have the below items and a migraine from working out the logistics of storing a dress and reading an email from Darren Rowse that mentioned something about comfortable shoes.

I endured the Melbourne commute for almost ten years.  The following tips are free:

  • Never travel without Myki.  No not a cuddly comedian but a contentious public transport card.  I’ve been lending mine to my spouse and I might have flipped my lid over its return last night “I never said you could keep it!!” – transit police are notoriously “friendly” in our town.
  • Myth: Melbourne has the best coffee.  It might, but I also think it’s a contender for the worst.  Don’t buy one from any place that’s serving dim sims at 8am.
  • Taxi ranks can be found outside Crown or the Intercontinental at the Rialto.  I don’t recommend the one outside Flinders Street Station – in fact just stay away from there altogether.

I made you a map…..


1. The Waiting Room

Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006

If you’re after top notch bar snacks, delicious cocktails and great people watching, Neil Perry’s Waiting Room fits the bill.  Open late.  Bookings Recommended for 6 or more people.  Cocktails $19

2. The Lui Bar at Vue de Monde

Rialto Towers, Level 55/525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Since I might need to remortgage the house and wait six months to get into Shannon Bennett’s Vue de Monde, the newly opened Lui Bar is a less expensive alternative.  Open late, no reservations.  Entry depends on capacity but with views from the 55th floor it could be worth a look.  Cocktails $19

3. The Market Lane Bar at the Intercontinental Rialto

495 Collins Street, Melbourne

Just inside the foyer entrance on Collins Street, this is a casual hotel bar that does a great Cucumber Collins.  Open until 12am.  Cocktails $20

For pubs try:

4. Exchange Hotel

5. The Waterside Hotel

6. Turf Bar

7. Irish Times


Up this end of town Melbourne Coffee Review recommends Eclipse Coffee, tucked underneath the Rialto or across from the Alto Hotel is Kinfolk – a cool cafe with a conscience.

I am a complete conference noob but I do love Melbourne.  Hopefully some of these tips actually help someone.  If you’re heading to ProBlogger feel free to say hello – I don’t bite.  In fact I’m just pretending this whole thing doesn’t exist until about 6am Friday.

Any other Melbourne tips you’d like to share or even know?


  1. Donna says

    Great tips! Especially about the good coffee over the road from Alto Hotel – nice one. I have already failed the ‘what to pack’ list with no cards to hand out. MAJOR oversight.

  2. says

    Oh God, thanks for the reminder! My husband has my Myki too…. I’ve done zero preparation and shall be packing a small case at around 10:00pm Thursday. I may fall asleep on the train on my way in and it’s highly likely that I’ll forget something vital. I’ll look out for you there. :)

      • Kerryn Woods says

        Mine lost his Myki in Vietnam. Why did he have his Myki with him on an OS trip, you ask? I have no idea…. And I’m sure you’ll think of something to do with those spare hands. Wine, anyone?

  3. Guest says

    Oooh thanks love – I used to work on the “other” side of Docklands so had no idea about the good cafe. Brilliant tipsky. I’m putting my Problogger “ingredients”

  4. Kim | Melbourne Mum says

    Oooh thanks love – I used to work on the “other” side of Docklands so had no idea about the good coffee options near Etihad. Brilliant tipsky. I’m getting my Problogger “ingredients” tonight for a bit of a photo shoot for the blog, too. LOVE your cards – where did you get them done? Kx

  5. Tam says

    Loving your tips – especially for coffee. I’ll be out bright and early Friday morning trying to source one before I do anything else.

    My tip: Hercules Morse in Sth Melbourne, a quick tram ride down Spencer/Clarendon on the 112 tram, has incredible cocktails ($18 from memory) and delish tapas style bar food. And awesome owners (who may or may not be related to me).

    And I’ve just procured hubby’s Myki. All set. Apart from the packing. And everything else. Eek.

  6. bachelormum says

    Great guide. I’ve only been to Mel twice. Once to attend a UN award ceremony as I was a finalist for a media peace prize for an article i wrote on refugee kids. I was seven months pregnant so never tried the bars although i didnt win and was tempted to drown my sorrows. The other was to farewell one of my most beautiful friends who was killed in a bike accident. I never tried the bars then either. So I’m due another trip just for the fun of it.

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