Maurice and Me


Last year beloved children’s author Maurice Sendak passed away. I grew up on Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen. My cousins and I adored that Mickey nuded up in the night kitchen and were oblivious to the controversy the book caused. It was ranked 25th in the “100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000″ compiled by the American Library Association.

I never understood the darker undertones. The depiction of chefs with Hitler-esque moustaches attempting to place Mickey into the oven was obscured until I rediscovered the book with my own children. In those tangible moments of awakening, I treasured the rewards of my children so deeply it was a battle suppressing tears.

Last week I was in a little bit of a funk when Journalist Julia Baird shared the below illustrated talk with Maurice Sendak on Twitter. I welled up in the carpark because I suddenly realised the beauty in life and that I was being a fool. It is the most lovely thing I’ve heard in some time.

‘It’s something I’m finding out as I’m ageing, that I am in love with the world’ – Maurice Sendak

Do you have a favourite children’s book?

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