Losing my running mojo

I’ve been following a new training regime for three weeks now.  I’ve committed these legs to move up and down in a forward-moving motion for 14kms in November and somewhere in the middle of all the running (so much running) my bathroom scales stopped working.

I put off buying another set.  I told myself I wouldn’t get them just yet – not until I knew I was closer to my magical number.  The number that lies somewhere between the wedding weight and the breastfeeding diet that only worked with the first child.

I’ve been running distances I haven’t seen since five years ago.  Distances I’ve never even met.  It felt good.  I bought some new scales.

I have not lost a damn thing.

I celebrated by eating a block of Cadbury Marvellous Creations* (I want the creation creator’s number – there might be heavy breathing involved).

I was supposed to run 8 kilometres yesterday and I barely made 3.  I hated being inside my own head.  I wanted a shotgun for the goddamn swooping birds and I had irrationally irritated thoughts about Michelle Bridges and people who take up the entire running track.

My husband pulled out the “muscle weighs more than fat” crap.

I spend a ridiculous amount of each day hating my weight.   I want to be enlightened and not care but I’m not sure I know how to do that.  Skinny jeans mock me from a drawer far, far away and platitudes for a body that created life then fed them don’t work.  And now I’ve lost my running mojo too.  And I’m not sure how to get it back.

* not sponsored

How do you get your exercising mojo back?


  1. says

    I too have lost my running mojo…it’s been gone for some time now. Lost somewhere between the first and second child I fear. Although, I have been where you are before. I found the best thing to do was stop focusing on the weight loss and start focusing on making it through that distance that you have promised yourself you will run. That way every step of running that you take will be taking you closer to making that goal. I am sure that your head will say nicer things too. Or…take up cycling….

  2. Mrsceeeceee says

    Running makes me so hungry! I never ever lose any weight when I run. And the muscle weighs heavier than fat thing is true. When I broke my foot and spread my arse while commiserating with my cherry ripe obsession I actually lost weight. There was more jiggle than before though :(. Maybe mix it up with a bit of swimming?

  3. says

    Andrea’s advice is probably the best, so I’d go with that. I’m a cyclist, not a runner, and what I’ve found is that with the hunger post-exercise it can be all to easy to over-compensate and eat more than what you’re burning.

    I have a constant struggle with my weight, and the only thing that’s ever worked is using calorie counting software to ensure I book a calorie deficit every day. It’s extremely time consuming, and difficult if you eat out. So I think it’s best to go with Andrea and just get your distances up first.

  4. says

    When I feel like I have lost my running mojo I like to do a couple of things to get me back on track…
    1, Download some new tunes – music always makes me happy when I run and also is a great distraction – but be sure to still watch out for cars and bikes!
    2. Runners Retail Therapy – buy some new running clothes! You have spent the money now take your new threads out for a jog around town!
    Also, don’t worry about the scales, judge your progress by your clothes and how good you feel after you complete your run.
    One more thing before I go, look into protein shakes – having one straight after your run will curb those over-eating urges. Just be sure to mix your high protein low CHO power with water NOT milk!

  5. says

    If I knew the answer to that I’d be putting on my 2XU running leggings instead of sitting here in my pjs. I try not to focus on the weight, instead I have a goal pair of jeans that fit really well when I am in peak training. At the moment I can put them on, but actual movement in them is not possible.
    Apart from that, new tunes on the playlist cranked loud seem to help me.

  6. bachelormum says

    Don’t worry. If you’re a runner you don’t really have much choice. You will run again. You won’t be able to help it because ultimately it makes you feel good, body and soul. Just give yourself a break and in a few days you’ll be back out there. But just do it to feel good, the rest will come … or not … and if not it doesn’t matter. You feel good.

  7. rachvt says

    You make me laugh! I can so relate. I trained for the 14.5 run for the kids earlier this year and did it (thanks for the applause) I didn’t loose any weight at all, I was devastated. (problems of the first world I know) It’s because we think that when we are exercising we can eat what we like but we cant. It takes an hour of running to burn off a small pkt of chips! Im now doing the Michelle Bridges 12wbt program and lost 6 kilos… (another applause… you’re too kind) So now I’m fit and hungry, and it feels great! To get your MOJO back you need to keep going, thats all there is too it. Eat less, move more. i’ll watch this space….

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