Leather leggings – 2 Ways

I’ve been attempting to get in touch with my inner rock-chick this week by playing around with leather leggings.

One can only dream of looking like Elle in these but the reality for me is five picnick.com filters and about 300 takes with the camera.

Don’t hate me, I can’t put the real me on here – she has a murder of crow’s feet and eats too many cream buns.

Leather Leggings // Boots // Top // Cardigan //

Leather leggings // Shoes // Shirt


  1. Sheree says

    Love the look, I lusted after my friends leather panel leggings from Portmans the other day & im so going to get some! I like your shoes in the first shot too, so hard to get nice short boots without too much heel…something that you can push a pram with but are not runners if you know what i mean ;-) Trying to dress up but not be overdressed for the supermarket & the park is hard sometimes but hey its nice to look good too…u rock it
    Sheree :)

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