Keeping blogger narcissim in check

There’s an old adage that says bloggers are possibly narcissists who feed off attention, comments, likes and retweets.  Despite the fact that I just made that up, today I’m here to help keep any feelings of self adoration in check.  The below list is a handy guide, a narcissism reality-checking tool if you will.

  • Write a blog post that receives no comments.
  • Stop retweeting the nice things people say about you on Twitter.
  • So you got yourself 45 likes on your latest Instagram selfie?  *golf clap*

  • Explain SEO to your mum.
  • Count how many times you use the words “the lovely” “precious” “I, me, myself, personally” and “love this!” in one day.
  • STEP AWAY from the Pic Monkey Editor.

I am ready to receive visitors now

  • Attend a party and find someone, preferably a Journalist, to ask you “Oooo are you a mummy blogger?” at the top of their voice.  If you cannot find a proper one here are some quotes I prepared earlier:

“Why can’t they just go outside and play with their kids?”  Breakfast Show Host

“I’ve always been the one left doing the work while others disappeared on year-long maternity leaves or, as I like to call them, holidays” A “journalist” whose name I shan’t repeat

Feeling good yet?  Here’s a few more….

  • Snuffleupagus has a Facebook page with approximately 150,000 more likes than you.
  • Add up the amount of times you thought about redesigning your blog in one week because you feel “you are not enough”.
  • Talk about “my readers” a lot.
  • Keep telling everyone that “something exciting is happening” but refuse to talk about it.
  • Wake up to an inbox full of emails advising you of people unsubscribing from your feed.
  • Think of a great new idea.  Post it.  Read another post with the same idea.
  • Write a post about blogger narcissism.  Self promote.  Oh wait?!

Disclaimer:  I may or may not have succumbed to a number of these…..

Have you got any other tips for keeping blogger narcissism in check?


  1. Renee | About a Bugg says

    Write post and then repeatedly check your stats for said post.
    Cry when you realise no one is actually reading it.
    I may or may not have done this.

  2. Mrs Woog says

    I fucking LOVE this post! Too funny. Off to retweet it and then comment about how much I loved this post. ME ME ME ME ME!

  3. What_Sarah_Did_Next says

    LOLOL! Inspired post, Carli! It has come at a very good time. I may or may not have been feeling a little fragile about my stats this morning. *snaps Google Analytics page shut*

  4. mumabulous says

    Just when I was feeling down in the dumps because two people (count them 1 -2 ) partook of my Name that 80s tune quiz.

  5. TwitchyCorner says

    Funny cause it’s true? ;) / :( No. 1 happens! I don’t understand SEO but regularly want a blog makeover to trick me into a little boost about it all- like life, and getting a good haircut. The best narcissism antidote of all is indeed low readership or FB Likes. I don’t have Google Analytics; stats counter is reality check enough and I try hard not to focus on that. Remind me why I do this again?!! GAH x

  6. Twitchy Corner says

    OOh- how about double commenting?
    Or tweet mentions on the end of your post linky to guilt at least 3 friends into reading you? :D

  7. LifeInAPInkFibro says

    Oh my! Love it! Precious! Me, myself and I think this is lovely! Something exciting is definitely happening here. I might retweet this comment.

  8. Anna Spargo-Ryan says

    I’ve been trying to reply to this without using ‘I’ or ‘my’, but I’ve clearly failed. What a brilliant post Carli :D

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