Is blogging making you fat?

In 2007-2008 a quarter of Australian adults were obese, a figure well above the OECD’s average of 18%.  Sedentary lifestyles are partly to blame and with reports suggesting 84% of us are accessing the internet each day and spending more than half of that time on social media websites, you could say we’re a connected collective on an upward trend.

As much as I could personally blame Muffin Break’s raspberry and white chocolate muffins, it would be prudent of me to ignore the fact that along with adopting a WordPress platform I also became the proud owner of a few new kilograms.  I call them Burden and Pestilence and they are two plugins not currently compatible with version 3.4.1.

Somewhere in between instagram-ing a cupcake and tweeting about slow-roasted pork belly I managed to push memories of the Anderson St hill into the dark recesses of my mind.  Next thing you know I’m reviewing restaurants and finding myself on a slippery slope of mango pudding and peanut butter parfait.

Suddenly it’s not the food I’m filtering anymore and I worry that when people meet me they won’t recognise me without a Walden button.  I don’t want to focus too much on diet and exercise, it’s not my specialty and as far as conversation topics go – it’s right up there with the carbon tax.  If you’ve never endured someone’s in-depth analysis of their TRX training regime you haven’t lived.

I will be attempting to lose my two new plug-ins despite the rationale in my mind that intellect and creativity are far more important than exercise.  They might well be but that won’t be much consolation when I’m all alone with my cats and my computer and washing myself with a rag on a stick.  Thank you Bart Simpson.

Is “connectivity” making you put on weight?  If you’re a blogger have you experienced the same issues?

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  1. says

    I’m an excercise junkie, so I have to say no. In fact, right now, I’m desperate to get moving, and am just trying to read through a few FYBF posts first.
    I can see where the problem comes though. Sometimes just looking at Instagram makes me hungry!

  2. says

    Luckily lots of my SM and blogging friends are losing weight in super inspirational ways, and they have inspired me in my own weight loss this year. I think putting it out there is a great way to be accountable and motivate yourself! The more you exercise, the more pork belly you can eat. Or something.

    • says

      I need to get onto these weight loss blogs. I’ve been training over the last week but gosh it’s hard after a break! Have had to put the pork belly away for now.

  3. Grace says

    I had to giggle at Rachel’s comment. “Blog and Grog” sounds like an amazing plugin! :)
    Come to think of it, I have gotten a little *ahem* rounder since I started blogging. It’s those IG photos that are tagged with #foodporn or #noms. Especially on a Sunday night – do you notice how many people post photos of desserts ? It’s gotta more than just coincidenc.

    • says

      The instagram food pictures are atrocious – worse than masterchef! I can’t go on there after 9pm or I start rummaging through the cupboards looking for cooking chocolate!

  4. Leanne (Boyz Germs) says

    I couldn’t read past ‘raspberry and white chocolate muffins’ because it made me want to drive to Muffin Break and get one right now!
    Great post! :)

  5. says

    I was just thinking about is exact topic tonight! I could never have out it out there with the same candour though. (Love the way you write.) I started my interest in blogging after baby #2. Lately I bemoan the fact the weight has not dropped off as fast as it did after baby #1 only two years ago ( though I must confess I don’t even know how it fell off then since I barely exercise and am not strict with my diet). All I can really put it to is sitting on my derrière for social media. Having said that, it is through social media I learnt about the 12WBT and I have been inspired by many bloggers to get get off the sidelines where I’m cheering the on and get moving myself. So can I really blame blogging for my sloth? Hmmmmmm…….

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