In Your Face!

Did you know that children’s face painters are the preschool equivalent of rock stars?  Before having children I was frequently flummoxed with the long queues found at shopping centres, fetes and children’s birthday parties.  Kids waiting breathlessly for butterflies and FDA approved glitter – heady anticipation in the air.

My son despises queues.  If there was a dilapidated boat on standby with promises of a face painting shortcut, he’d be on it quicker than you can say “what the hell is with offshore processing you spineless pack of fools?!”  Oh I’m sorry that just slipped out!

Now I have done a little bit of research and by little bit I mean I placed the words “face” and “paint” into a search engine and checked out the results.  Because they involve children I can’t show you their face but there is some downright scary stuff passing for face painting.  Kind of like this…


Full disclosure.  This was during ‘family day’ at the aged care centre where my mother works and because the face painter was quite possibly organised by my own mother, I won’t say too much other than this is supposed to be a dinosaur and no, the dementia wing was not in charge of painting.  So it’s a little Green Lantern meets dragon meets D.I.Y. prison tears.  It was our first foray into the world of face paint and my son was happy enough.  Until this….


Nice work Bunnings.  This is some seriously legitimate face art.  I am actually starting to appreciate why people start filling up my Facebook feed with “can anyone recommend a decent face painter” type questions every time their child’s about to blow out some candles.

We’ve got the taste for paint now.  Something’s shifted, so next time you wander out of that face painting queue I can’t guarantee we won’t take your place.

Do your kids love getting their faces painted?  Do you have the taste for paint?  Is it FDA approved?


  1. Deb_BrightandPrecious says

    I always worry about the toxic nature of the paints…but Miss A loves it so much. Our Bunnings doesn’t do as good a job as yours! But yes, she gets a regular paint nearly every weekend at “the hammer shop”. Your tiger is so cute! Seriously good face painting art there!

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