I’m losing my school holiday mojo

I’m at a school holiday impasse.  There are only so many galleries, museums, play centres and trips to the beach/nanna’s ice-cream stash I can take.  It’s not often I find myself reaching for the Shiraz before 5pm but I am beginning to hit struggle street.

This year marks my first foray into the frenzy of school holidays as I suddenly come to realise that, despite my son spending a meager 6 hours per week at preschool, I have really grown to enjoy that break.

So now I am losing my mojo.  Last week it was all “Yes! A children’s gallery with a graffiti wall!” and “Wow let’s rescue the puffer fish!” but the combination of preschooler effervescence and a 14 month old that still requires a day sleep is beginning to crush my spirit.

I have come to appreciate why they recommend pilates/yoga when you are pregnant.  It is so you can contort your body into a 180 degree position and reach behind the driver’s seat for a random piece of mandarin that fell on the floor that you were drip feeding an infant so she wouldn’t fall asleep until you got home.

I know it’s not the done thing to complain too loudly about school holidays.  I once asked a parent of older children if she was looking forward to the commencement of a new term and she replied “I’m not one of those parents that doesn’t like spending time with their children.”  I told her she was quite clearly the greatest mother on Earth and I passed her a shiny medal.

I am tired of queuing for a coffee, a turn on the swing, Wallace and Gromit.  If I have to bribe my son one more time to stand still for five minutes longer he will be jump starting cars before primary school.  If he didn’t have the enthusiasm of a 12 week old Labrador I would try to stay home more often.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up reinvigorated, bursting with fresh ideas that don’t sound like “Oh god that’s too far, she’ll be falling asleep.  Wait what does pocket weather say?  Is it raining?  Maybe we can try a park?  Why does everything open at 10am?  I bet MOMA opens at 8!”

If you have any wet weather tips or school holiday advice, I am all ears.  Quite clearly I am a novice.





  1. Workingwomenaus says

    Oh I hear you! I’m so OVER these school holidays. I have a million and one work issues popping up at exactly the moment my kids decide to rip each others heads off. My secret? Invite a friend over. Seriously. They act as a buffer and my kids don’t fight. We’re having a sleepover tonight and things are (relatively) peaceful.

  2. says

    I’m generally over thre school holidays by oh day 3. I start of full of great ideas and motivation but it only takes a couple of days before my kids and everyone elses wears me down. I had a bit of an escape these holidays as Ive been working, so I have had a perfectly legit excuse to shut myself away in my office and pretend I cant hear World war 3 erupting in the family room! ;) x

  3. says

    It’s tough getting used to a new routine I’ve found it hard coming over here with no daycare – it’s like one long school holiday. Arrgh! Hope you get through it ok xx

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