I kinda-heart my body

This morning I bought a bucket of protein shake to help curb my hunger.  I hadn’t even heard of I heart my body day.

I went into one of those vitamin super stores, the kind manned by men that can’t move their arms.  A hip young blonde with a Chinese letter tattooed on her wrist asked me what I was training for.  I looked down at the pram and I felt like saying “the frikking baby and toddler Olympics”.

I’m tired.  Sometimes I don’t know where normal stops and not-so-normal begins.

It’s hard to love your body when you’re tired.  It’s hard to find time to nourish it, maintain it and treat it with respect.  There are too many competing factors – family, study, triple brie and a bad blogging habit.

My body’s taken me up Empire State Buildings and Spanish soccer stadiums.  Along isolated Mexican beaches and proposals in a warm Asian climate.  It kicked a pink sherrin on the MCG when it was four months pregnant. It’s adventurous, it tolerates my brain and it hasn’t broken down just yet.  For that I’m grateful.

 Do you love your body?





  1. says

    That is one heck of an awe inspiring body you have hun – to have carried your heart through so many amazing experiences. I hope you rest that body and it continues to serve you well and bring you many more incredible moments to look back on. xx

  2. says

    tiredness is the worst and always makes positivity harder.. good on you for taking the steps to break out.. and yeah bugger training for sports.. kids are an endless marathon!

  3. says

    Sleep deprivation makes everything seem that much harder. Who wants to get motivated to cook something nourishing when they’re dead on their feet?

    You have a full life, Carli. Your body has taken you to amazing places and with care, it will take you to many more, I’m sure x

  4. says

    Yes! Sleep deprivation, blogging addiction and children to care for mean my body is rarely nourished or cared for, and recently I turned to protein shakes so I could stop scoffing the kids afternoon tea! It’s been good, I have more energy x

  5. says

    I totally hear you on this. I feel like I’m too tired to care for my poor, tired body. Which makes me feel….exhausted.

    I’ll be late but I think I’ll do this post…tomorrow. Too tired now. Duh.


    PS/ Pink Sherrin? Intrigued.

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        Oh, I know about Sherrin’s – in fact, I likened my breasts to their shape and texture when my milk came in post-birth of my first baby. I was moreso intrigued why you were kicking a pink footy while up the duff!

        • says

          Oh sorry, someone asked me what they were on twitter so I wasn’t sure. That is funny, I think I might’ve made similar comments regarding the milk supply! And it was one of those rare occasions when they let you kick the footy on the ground after a game, it was chaotic and I copped a stern lecture from my husband because obviously that is so dangerous? It’s just a nice carefree memory though :)

  6. bachelormum says

    Oh I hear you. It is so hard to love anybody when we are tired. I am tired. Today I feel exhausted and struggle, but overall I feel better when I’m kind to my body … It’s my mind that often takes the beating.

  7. says

    The world is a tough place to be when you’re tired. Strangely enough getting up earlier makes me less tired. Perhaps I need less sleep than I think I do? But our bodies are amazing, they just seem to get us through. Take care. x

  8. Jess @ myheartisyourhome says

    Its hard to do anything when we are tired! I too, dont normal where normal stops and not so normal begins!

    Your body has taken you to many amazing places that my body is envious of

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