I have a habit

It’s often said that porn is highly addictive and with the introduction of smart phones, it is now more widely available than ever.  But what of that other habit-forming spectacle that graces our television screens on a not-nearly-frequent-enough basis; the “makeover show”?

I can often be found rearranging my week night schedule quicker than you can say “Holy hot geek Batman!” at the mere sniff of a makeover show.  Heck, I will even sit through an hour of The Living Room just to watch Barry du Bois in action.

I’m not entirely sure how it all began, but I think my addiction can be traced back to Calamity Jane and more specifically the dress she wore for the Fort Scully ball.  This was shortly followed by Grease, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink.

I’m interested to know more about the psychology of these shows and why so many of us (ok, maybe just me), want to see something preened to within an inch of its life.  For me half the joy lies in watching other people’s joy and let’s face it, if someone made over my entire front and backyard I’d gladly pretend that Jamie Durie’s the hot one when we all know it’s Scott Cam.

From the lofty heights of Extreme Makeover, Biggest Loser, Queer Eye and Grand Designs to the barrel scraping Snog, Marry, Avoid – I don’t discriminate.  It doesn’t matter to me if you’re man, machine or a 1970’s mission brick house from hell – I will watch your teeth get veneered, your walls get rendered, your car get pimped.  I will even watch you stand in a gigantic glass box while the general public makes insults dressed up as critique.

What about you?  Do you have a secret television habit you can’t say no to?


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