I am not a hairdresser

It started off harmless enough – “I’ll just cut the bit that’s hanging in her eyes” – the next thing I know my daughter’s answering to Moe and wearing a lot of hats.

She might have her lateral incisors coming through but I can’t be sure she hasn’t caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror somewhere and that’s why she’s crying so intensely.

If you ever find yourself thinking “how hard can this cutting hair lark be?” please heed my words.

My four siblings and I have made many jokes over the years about my mother’s preferred method of cutting children’s fringes – the “sticky-tape” method.  Well there’s something to be said for that and today I’d like to formally apologise to my Mum.  Tomorrow I’ll be ringing hairdressers.  Real ones.

Have you ever cut your children’s hair?  Were you a victim of the sticky-tape method as a child?


  1. Catherine RodieBlagg says

    Haha. I cut G’s hair at home – I’d like to say I’m getting better at it, but I’m not. I dread the idea of taking her for a proper hair cut as she is such a pickle. Hubby says “Its a good job she’s so pretty!” poor love!

  2. Kimberley M says

    Oh Dear. Years ago, Scout cut her own hair at creche (so I was not responsible, but I very well could have been) – http://www.flickr.com/photos/kinkimcg/4518765611/. She got so many comments that her hair looked very french and in vogue (!?!?!!?!) I think they were just being kind so she didn’t get a complex (nooooooo). Maybe that will happen to your daughter. With a bit of evening up, the fringe could look, ahem, cutting edge (so to speak)… Kx

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