Getting your mojo back


When people wonder why so many mummies blog, I just think what else are you supposed to do after enduring an arduous embalming process. Hang out in your tomb, reading the Book of Dead, waiting on everyone else? Can’t a mummy have something to herself?

Speaking of having things to yourself, I’ve spent the weekend making some minor life changes. Somewhere in between work and study and making sure the family unit’s running without major incident I’ve been letting other things slide. Some of these things are simple things, like toenails and dusty skirting boards. Others are more important, like diet, exercise, dentist appointments and finding a replacement milk aspiration tube for the Nespresso machine. I’ve been crumbling under the weight of life admin and all without a frothy latte.

The impetus for change might be the Fiji holiday I just booked. Nothing says stop eating cheeseburgers like the prospect of someone accidentally posting your backside on Trip Advisor. And though the idea of being stuck with family on a remote island location with no escape and while sharing the one room has suddenly made me feel a bit itchy, at least I’ve got a bit of mojo back.

photo credit: asgw via photopin cc

How do you get your mojo back?