Get out of town

Friday night I attended the Kidspot Voices of 2013 cocktail party where the winners of this year’s amazing prizes (hello, New York!) were announced. It was great to see a diverse range of blogs in the running, particularly the overall winners House of Humble. It’s a couple blog but not in a daggy matching tracksuit kinda way, think more cute rescue animals and simple living.

Another great rural Victorian blog that took out the ‘Food & Wellbeing’ category is Whole Larder Love (yes I’m spruiking the south of the border love). I once interviewed Rohan for a Kidspot piece and he’s a very passionate advocate for ethically sourced food, which is great. I love a bold opinion. You can read the full list of winners here.

It was great catching up with people I don’t see that regularly and you know you’re in good company when they a) know all the words to Young MC’s Bust a Move and b) think nothing of you walking through Crown with your shoes in your hand. All I could keep thinking was “You’ve got no dignity Muriel!” but they stuck with me and only made a baby calf joke once.

witchery heels

baby giraffe

Me after three champagnes

The rest of the weekend was spent on the Great Ocean Road with some excellent company. I haven’t been to the area in close to ten years and I’d forgotten how majestic it is. Things have changed though. On a quick trip to the general store, a friend remarked (tongue in cheek) on the lack of quinoa only for us to turn around and discover six varieties. Place got hipster.

Ocean Road

Broadsheet recently had a great wrap up of Torquay’s new wave, it’s always intriguing watching how places like this develop and interesting to note the various interactions between locals and tourists too. I do believe we were reprimanded for requesting skinny milk at one point “We don’t do skinny around here”. I was still getting over the relief of being back in flat shoes so we won’t bother going into that exceptional display of customer service.

witchery flats

Flats!! Hooray!!

The most contentious issue of the whole weekend was possibly Elf on a Shelf. Google ‘elf on a shelf’ and you’ll find approximately 2.1 million blog posts. People seem to either hate it or love it. I’m probably not the best person to ask given that I had nothing to put in this morning’s advent calendar except for two grapes (yes I spoil my kids I know). Personally I like what comes up when you google inappropriate elf on a shelf but that’s just me.

Are you a fan of Elf on a Shelf? How was your weekend?