Four things

Yesterday I felt a little blue so I did a spot of shopping and perked myself up with some blue products.

1.  yes to blueberries brightening facial towelettes

I have to thank Nikki from Styling You for this tip.  Usually my night time skin routine involves way too many products but these are great for those sleep deprived “just get me the hell into bed” evenings.  Not greasy like some towelette thingys.

2.  st tropez bronzing mousse

Still the best fake tan around in the humble opinion of my pasty Melbourne winter skin.

3.  opi nail lacquer in suzi says feng shui

I hate paying full retail for OPI but it’s cheaper than therapy and it came with a motherly type lady who served me and instantly perked up my morning.  Sometimes you can’t beat a shop front.

4.  portishead – dummy

Still one of the greatest atmospheric albums I own.  Perfect for blue moods.  We just won’t talk about the fact it’s been 18 years since its release.  Eep!

Have you got a favourite album for blue moods?

  • Kelly Exeter

    Your iPhone cover would cheer me up if ever I was in a blue mood. It is so pretty!

    • Mrs.Savage

      Thank you, I’m a little beside myself with the discovery of gelskins.

  • Tam

    Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’ is in that category for me, and again with the ‘what the heck, how was that released over a decade ago?!’ Still gorgeous, even 14 years later.

    • Mrs.Savage

      I love that album too (it’s ok to call them albums right?)

  • Dianne

    Can’t believe it’s been 18 years since Dummy was released. I feel old….

    • Mrs.Savage

      You and me both! I’m sure CD’s weren’t even invented then ;)

  • Sheree

    You reminded me of the fact I haven’t listened to Portishead in a long time (my hubbie used to call them tortisehead ;-) I think a good Sarah Blasko is good for that kind of mood for me….I also need a good fake tan, must give this one a try if it comes recommended!