Five quick ways to cheat feeling happy


I’m not a happiness guru (you can stop laughing family) but lately I’ve been thinking about quick fixes; simple ways to be happy. When people ask me “Are you happy?” I’m usually stumped for an answer. Is it a permanent state of mind? I don’t think it is. Happiness feels like a fugitive that comes when I least expect it and leaves before I’ve had time to appreciate it. Chasing contentment has always felt like a much nobler pursuit. The word content doesn’t feel so loaded and forces you to think of the things you already have. In saying that, there are times when cheating contentedness via a block of Marvellous Creations is perfectly acceptable. Other things I recommend trying:

1. Buy a bra that fits

I’ve endured under-wire interruptus during a couple of pregnancies and I’ve been ignoring bras ever since in case someone took away “old faithful” (come on, we all have one). Well this week old faithful was binned and I realised the power of a bra that fits or doesn’t make you sing ‘Back fat, back fat’ to the tune of Dora’s ‘Backpack’.

2. Make a happy song playlist

I’ve had a happy playlist since the inception of iPods and it’s a guilt-free list of songs that range from the sublime to the downright questionable and I don’t care one bit because it’s like someone turned on the jubilation switch to my heart when I listen to it.

 3. Buy a favourite food, put away the social media and immerse yourself in a good book or television series.

If you gave me Haigh’s Aprichocs, canoli, homebrand red licorice and a large bowl of fresh passionfruit, we could probably be best friends forever. A pair of tracky daks, fluffy socks and either House of Cards or Orange is the New Black and I’m content. Oh alright, True Blood too (sometimes there are willys).

4. Call your mother

Talking to my mother is like a colonic irrigation or at least what I imagine one to be like. I feel thoroughly cleansed after speaking to my mum, like I’ve just dumped all my problems onto her or something.

5. Try something new

Nothing too strenuous, maybe just a new park, a change of scenery or something different from the Thai takeout menu instead of Pad Thai Chicken and Pad Grapow Beef. Last week I ordered a seafood stir-fry and I was so disappointed that the next time I order, I can do so with conviction and without thinking to myself “Maybe I should try something different?” and I will be content.

Let me close by sharing with you one of my most happiest of happy songs ever. The film clip is slightly dated but it reminds me of a time when it was okay to accessorise a g-string with a bracelet and that can only be a good thing. You won’t find that crap on a Pinterest board these days.

photo credit: Ennor via photopin cc

Do you have any quick fixes for feeling happy?


  1. Kerryn Woods says

    I love your list, Carli, and I could tick all those boxes too. Another favourite is to go for a walk – even if it’s miserable out. I put on a coat, grab my camera and head to the nearby parkland, where I’m guaranteed to see a kangaroo or fifty and some amazing birds. The combination of fresh air, just GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE and some wildlife to distract me rarely fails.

    Hitting the gym works too. My husband has been radiating misery, gloom and general crankiness for the past week and it’s beginning to be contagious. I just ran that crap out on the treadmill and then beat it with some dumbbells for good measure. :)

    And no, happiness is never a permanent state. I’m practising gratitude and a little meditation to help it stick around, but it still slips away at times. Meh. That’s life.

    • says

      Exercise is great, I am always much more content when I exercise regularly. I definitely think doing something creative like taking photos is rewarding too – great comment :)

  2. says

    Music. It is my go to solution for most things, and the reason all my devices are jam packed with different playlists.
    And no, happiness is not a permanent state. I’m not sure it can be really, or that it should be. Would be a boring old world if we were all happy all the time.

  3. says

    I can’t say that Miss Minogue makes me feel especially happy, but amen to everything else! A pocket of happiness in every day for me is taking a moment to have a cup of green tea on my front verandah and just breathe a little. Nice! I’m also one for heading out for a walk. x

  4. Jo @BabbleOnCity says

    Love this post. Music does it for me too. I always know when I’m a little blue, because the music stops. I find tickling my 2 year old works a treat too. Hearing her uncontrollable giggles is happy manna for my soul. I wish I could bottle that sound.

  5. says

    Jubilation switch. Great phrase, we all need to use the word ‘jubilation’ more often!

    I’ve just had the oddest thought while watching that video. When watching music videos have you ever imagined what the director says to the singers? “Okay, now Kylie, the robot men will be dancing and you come running out in between them and dance in front of them. Now we’re going to flash down to your pointy shoes and then back up again, right?” When I think about videos this way, it really makes me laugh to think that some of the moves are choreographed. Or is it just me?

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