Find my iPhone….or don’t


I would dearly love to discuss the ins and outs of the events that have occurred over the last four days involving a lost iPhone, an alleged staff member of a transport network and the police. Suffice it to say, I’ve already wasted too much of both mine and the local police station’s time tracking my phone across blessed Melbourne all the while telling anyone who’d listen “I’m sure it’s just an accident”. When your phone is returned without a SIM or a cover, it’s probably not an accident.

But all’s well that ends well right? So today I am just going to express my gratitude to mobile phone tracking software. If you haven’t already set up Find my iPhone (or its Android equivalent) on your devices – I strongly urge you to do so. I would not have my phone back otherwise and hopefully you can manage to avoid involving the police by finding the phone is in your gym bag or a desk drawer and not a stranger’s residential address.

For iPhones, it’s as simple as installing the app on all of your devices and using the same iCloud account information for each one. You will need to go into your settings and select iCloud, enter your Apple ID log in details and then allow Find my iPhone to access your current location. For Macs, you will need to do this via system preferences.

If you happen to lose your phone. You can either use the app on one of your other devices or log into and track it from there. You will also have the option to put the phone into lost mode with an alternative number that will allow the person who finds it to call that number and that number only. You can even set off an alarm or erase the contents of the phone.

Other fun things my siblings and I discovered over lunch this weekend – you can also track your children and/or husbands. My sister thought it would be fun to repeatedly set off the alarm on the computer her teenage son was using and I was able to pinpoint when my husband was not far away from meeting us at lunch so that I could stop discussing the grumpy mood he had been in all weekend. Winning!

Note: If you’re a frazzled parent, this might backfire when the kids realise they can also locate you. Think less “Where’s mum?”and more “Let’s locate mum!”

Ever successfully found a lost phone?