Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


No I’m not talking about the 5:07pm express train from Flinders Street Station but the latest heart-rending father/son flick to hit cinemas.

Tom Hanks plays Thomas, father to Oskar – brilliantly portrayed by 13 year old Thomas Horn. They share a special relationship where reconnaissance missions through Central Park and fostering intellect are the norm until September 11 changes their lives forever.

Horn’s Oskar has been described as irritating, obnoxious and arrogant by various movie reviewers but the movie does touch lightly on behavioral issues. It’s a conversation often missing from mainstream movies and goes some way into explaining some of Oskar’s quirks.

Sandra Bullock shines in the latter half of the movie as Oskar’s somewhat detached mother and Max Von Sydow adds depth as “the renter” – a man boarding with Oskar’s grandmother who cannot speak.

Whilst the script often feels manipulative I still found myself crying no less than four times and you know what? It felt good. I love a good tear-jerker and for that reason Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close gets 4 stars. Take tissues, particularly if you’re the sleep deprived mother to a quirky child.


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  1. says

    I remember seeing these shorts at the movies last year and crying through the whole thing.. that uncontrobbale sobbing which doesnt look too good for those around you , so I have avoided seeing it for that reason…. but now you may have changed my mind… a good old cry is something we all need to do!

  2. says

    I really want to see this, but it’s probably not Boatman’s cup of tea. Might have to wait till it comes out on the tbox I think.

    • Mrs.Savage says

      I wondered how New York natives would cope watching it, it was hard going in parts. New York’s a beautiful and amazing city, you must be proud xx

  3. says

    I haven’t seen anything about this, so thank you!
    I find overtly manipulative screenplays annoying, but addictive.
    It’s like The Hills but with class – I can’t look away.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Mrs.Savage says

      I came into The HIlls late, season 5 I think – it is probably a good thing because that stuff is highly addictive ;)

  4. says

    I absolutely loved this film! Made me cry too.

    The boy who plays Oscar is amazing, a 13 year old that can practically single handedly carry a movie? WOW!!

    Some of the people he meets on his trips are just bizarre!

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