Driving Me to the Brink

Children can get a little obsessive over certain toys, food and activities.  You have to laugh otherwise it’s entirely possible the white coats will turn up.

The Dinosaur Book

I once viewed this book as a fresh alternative to the hell that was Tinyrannosaurus and the Neversaurus on high repeat.  I can now read this backwards in my sleep and when I hear the demands for the “egg book” at night, my eyes well up with tears.  What makes it all worse is my son has now cottoned onto the “turn five pages at once” trick.

The Kite

I don’t know who it was at Westfield that allowed the temporary installation of a kite stall but I want them to suffer.  Where I once envisaged teaching Mini Savage to fly a kite in the park, I now know the reality to be tantrums over whether he can take this monstrosity into the bath.

The Octopod

I was initially excited to play with the Octopod, now it’s just another piece of wasteful plastic that hurts like hell when you trip over it.  I have taken to amusing myself with Barnacle since he really is a bossy piece of work.

Barnacle unwinds….

The Lunchbox

When I hear the words “lots of food in my lunchbox” something inside me dies.  I swear I fill this thing up twenty-five times a day and I’m pretty sure whoever makes Corn Thins had a bumper year last year. Once upon a time I shopped at markets and cooked mussells in wine and garlic.

The Drumkit

Okay, so I’ll admit this was fun for the first five minutes where I pretended to be a member of Pseudo Echo, now words can’t describe the pain.

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What is driving you to the brink?


  1. says

    Not even 10 minutes ago I was thinking about writing a very similar post when I was cleaning up the mess Benzilla & Yarnizilla had made. All the toys I would LOVE to sly into a vinnies box and take away…. reality is they would know instantly I had taken some toys.

    They look like an AWESOME toy on TV or for the first 5 minutes don’t they. We need to look deeper before buying them, no matter how much we’re nagged!

    • says

      I can still get away with “tidying away” toys to the op shop. The epic parent fail comes when your child pics up their own toy at the op shop and tries to purchase it…… oops!

  2. Dr Bron says

    The remote control car hubby bought Mr 13 for Christmas was fun at the beginning. Oh, how we laughed when Mr 13 sent the car in from his bedroom with notes attached. Now he can skilfully ram it into my ankles, not so funny. I do not want to discuss the remote control helicopter.

  3. says

    Sticker books are the flavour of the month here at the moment, and if someone has the wrong one, it’s hell to pay!
    Also any other toy that Ava wants, she must have, or she will bite, pull hair, pinch, or punch until I am ready to tear out my own hair.
    Most days end with the need for a stiff drink!

    Oh and the Octonauts totally had me giggling! :)

  4. Pretty Sister Savage says

    Once they start kinder and school and start to bring home loads and loads and loads of artwork and box constructions, you have to become very skillful at placing them in bin when they are not watching…on too many occasions my kids have caught me doing this and are SHOCKED (as I am) as to how on Earth they got in there!!

    P.S I too loved the Octonauts pic :)

  5. Veronica@ Mixed Gems says

    Driving me to the brink? Bub’s refusal to nap and, when she does, to stop catnapping. I feel I can never properly plan my days around such inconsistency. I feel so ineffective.

  6. says

    Oh man, Buzz Lightyear can bite my bum. Serial. Gravity Belt ACTIVATED should activate right out of my house! Who thought THAT was a good idea(ahem, maybe me).
    Barnacle is so bossy! Love it!

  7. Jayne says

    Sylvanian Families! Teeny, tiny bits of plastic crap that serve no purpose other than to trip you over or have you step on them.

    And you CAN’T send them to the Op shop because they cost so damn much they must become heirlooms for the grandkids.

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