Did you know that bragging about your children to non-relatives has been scientifically proven to literally bore the lower half of one’s clothing right off?  I mean – whoosh – you can actually see the pants disappear from sight!

In saying that please allow me to indulge for one moment.  If you know anything about my son, you’ll know he finds it difficult to sit still for prolonged periods of time.

We have done the walk of shame from as far and wide as La Lucciola in Bali to a pizzeria in Braaaghton.  We cry in the face of invitations to places involving butcher’s paper and crisp white napery.  So when my son recently decided to take up drawing (for more than five minutes) it filled my heart with joy (and free time).

Last week he actually drew something that was decipherable – his very first person.  I was so chuffed I pretended to phone his older cousin to tell her she had left her drawing behind.  Cue lot’s of beaming “BUT IT WAS ME!!”

You can call me an indulgent parent that is everything wrong with society right now but I simply do not care.  He might not be Picasso but this crappy drawing signifies so much more than a too-close pair of eyes and an exceptionally large head.  It means the world to me and I shall treasure it forever.


Do you keep all your children’s drawings?  Don’t you think there’s a simple joy in their drawings?


  1. Two Point Five Kids says

    Aww thats so cute – I have an identical one from my eldest from when he was three :)

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