Down the rabbit hole

I like to live in a social media bubble.  Safe in my cocoon there’s an enlightening stream of wit, creativity and intelligence.  There are links to news sites, blogs and pictures.  Occasionally opinions are respectfully challenged, occasionally there’s banality.  But then I slip and suddenly I’m falling down a rabbit hole of decomposing rubbish.

Help! I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of decomposing rubbish!

An abusive comment is re-tweeted.  Someone gives an unpleasant Facebook page the thumbs up.  And there it is, right in my social media bubble.  And I cannot look away.

We all say silly things on Facebook and Twitter, we’re human and I think we forget how instantaneous social media is.  It’s not like sitting down with a pen and paper and having a little think about things.  There’s sometimes so much focus on being hyper-vigilant about our online footprint when I think we’re probably going to have to learn to be more forgiving.

It’s just that I wish opinions such as these didn’t exist.  I wish that 110,000 people and counting couldn’t click a button so easily and project the hatred into my bubble.

I wish that people would stop spreading fear and lies.  I wish people could appreciate that we are a secular country and if the worst thing that happens to you is the local preschool omitting God from a Christmas pageant then you’re doing okay.

Go cuddle a monkey.  Call your mother.  Kiss your spouse.  Stop clicking ‘like’ when all you’re perpetuating is hate.

Do you ever get lost down the rabbit hole?