Down the rabbit hole

I like to live in a social media bubble.  Safe in my cocoon there’s an enlightening stream of wit, creativity and intelligence.  There are links to news sites, blogs and pictures.  Occasionally opinions are respectfully challenged, occasionally there’s banality.  But then I slip and suddenly I’m falling down a rabbit hole of decomposing rubbish.

Help! I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of decomposing rubbish!

An abusive comment is re-tweeted.  Someone gives an unpleasant Facebook page the thumbs up.  And there it is, right in my social media bubble.  And I cannot look away.

We all say silly things on Facebook and Twitter, we’re human and I think we forget how instantaneous social media is.  It’s not like sitting down with a pen and paper and having a little think about things.  There’s sometimes so much focus on being hyper-vigilant about our online footprint when I think we’re probably going to have to learn to be more forgiving.

It’s just that I wish opinions such as these didn’t exist.  I wish that 110,000 people and counting couldn’t click a button so easily and project the hatred into my bubble.

I wish that people would stop spreading fear and lies.  I wish people could appreciate that we are a secular country and if the worst thing that happens to you is the local preschool omitting God from a Christmas pageant then you’re doing okay.

Go cuddle a monkey.  Call your mother.  Kiss your spouse.  Stop clicking ‘like’ when all you’re perpetuating is hate.

Do you ever get lost down the rabbit hole?


  1. says

    God I feel like a stalker because I am always the first to comment here!! But Carli, I could not agree more. I can’t stand it when people I know click like on hate filled spew and suddenly it appears in my feed. In fact I was just talking to my husband this morning about all the hate out there. It really scares and upsets me!

  2. says

    Im always astounded by the stuff people share online, especially if their views are completely opposite of the way I view them (I think that wins the award for the most wonky sentence). I have some people who follow me that I used to work with and the pages they ‘like’ and the comments they leave are gut wrenching, full of hatred and bigotry. Its awful. I try to hide them because its uncomfortable to unfriend them but I feel as if Im in some ways supporting them by not speaking up. Current day conundrum…

  3. Kerryn Woods says

    110,000 likes? *blinks*

    I’ve blocked numerous people’s updates from my news feed for exactly this reason (the ones that you just can’t unfriend because you have to see them in real life sometimes and it would just be awkward). I don’t want to see that kind of hateful crap on my screen.
    I’m staying in my little bubble too – in here the only issues that get people riled up are things like social injustice, bullying, world hunger, or who drank all the sauv blanc …you know, important stuff.

  4. Bec Waterhouse says

    Yes unfortunately.

    Recently there was that horrible “Centrelink meme” calling all people on benefits “bludgers” etc etc and suddenly there it was rolling down my Facebook feed! I don’t think people REALLY understand how easy it is to fall into the Centrelink trap. My husband was retrenched from two jobs within months of each other, fell into a deep depression (which he’s still in) so we landed here, on Bludger Island without a raft or turtles to lash together with our back hair.

  5. says

    Yes, I’ve slipped down there too and hate the muck that disrupts my comfortable bubble. I don’t mean to be naive but I suppose my aversion to the vitriol, bullying and horrible behavior means I prefer not to go there. I know some have suggested people are too scared to offer a dissenting view but I just find when it’s done online, the faceless nature of the medium invites too many to be disrespectful and the opportunity to grow from constructive criticism and respectful debate/discussion is lost. For this reason, I think I’ll always prefer my bubble. At least for now.

  6. says

    It’s out there and I guess it’s good to know that it’s out there (in a weird way), but I just blank all that crap and feel very glad that I’m not full of such vile myself. x

  7. says

    I like my bubble. I wish somedays I could float in it’s naive safety net and never come out. I’m not sure what upsets me more, that people click like on these things, or that I am still surprised that people actually click like.

  8. says

    Thank God for bubbles – I live in one too. Occasionally I come out and have a look around, like what I see and stay a while. Other times I peek out and go straight back in cause it just doesnt look appealing at all. I am well aware it is naive and perhaps even a bit irresponsible to not come out and stand my ground on something I have an opinion on but to be honest, I really dont care because you see I like peace and I like quiet and I like harmony and if the only place I can get that is in my bubble, well tough titties world, I’ll see you next time I venture out. xx

    • says

      I think sometimes it’s easier to stand your ground face to face, so many things get misinterpreted online and quite frankly I don’t want to get trolled by some redneck either!

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