Dear Dick Smith

You might remember me from such classics as “the time I bought a printer cartridge because I was too desperate to wait for online delivery” and “‘W’ is for Who buys a heated neck massager?”

Well we need to talk about your Mother’s Day catalogue Dick.  More specifically, we need to talk about Dick, Dick.

Overlooking the fact you and I have vastly differing views on what constitutes a quicky, when did you decide that Mother’s Day was the perfect day to try out double entendres?

For those of us with small children, running on zero sleep, dick doesn’t factor much into our perfect mother’s day (neither does a digital photo frame).  I know it’s just a little joke.  I get it.  Usually I’d snigger; think it was a little naff and laugh anyway.  But after flicking through the entire catalogue Dick, I’m afraid that, quite frankly, it blows.

A yummy mummy camera that’s “slim, stylish and sexy”.  A camera for mums who have “more artistic flair than the average mum”.  A camera that will give “the big boys from Hollywood a run for their money”.  Dick the 50′s called, they want their copywriter back.  Remember The Hurt Locker?  Won a few Oscars, had a female director?  No?  Didn’t think so.

According to your catalogue, I’m a “Diva” because I choose a particular model of Nikon.  Please Dick, what is the male equivalent of Diva?  And, more importantly, what do you call it on Father’s Day?  Discerning?  Semi-pro?  Accomplished?

I’ve scratched my poor average mum head, trying to decipher where my artistic flair went and who the catalogue is catering to.  I wondered if perhaps it’s not designed to be read by mothers.  Maybe it’s for the middle-aged or child-free buying for their 60-something Mothers.

Now I don’t know about you, but my sneaky 65 year old mother is always trying to steal my wireless modem, or pinching that 8GB USB when I’m not looking because guess what?  She’s just too silly to buy her own.

Or maybe this is directed at mums like me.  Mums who are more than capable of sourcing our own accessories and certainly don’t need to pay a “clever dick” $98 to plug a TV in for us.   Mums who can connect a media device with our eyes closed while we prise fluff from a baby’s mouth.

Whoever your intended target audience Dick, I’m afraid this time you’re off the mark.  And we know who sucks at mother’s day catalogues.  Dick does.

  • Dr Bron

    Oh, those sneaky mums nicking our USBs! Smart enough to use one, too dumb to buy one!

  • Caz (The Truth About Mummy)

    So glad we don’t get junk mail after that lot. Bad sales idea who ever it is whom actually owns Dicks Smiths these days. I don’t imagine he’d think it was funny.

  • Renee | About a Bugg

    Great post lovely!

  • Mrs Woog

    Agree. Lame!x

  • Tam

    Oh dear, Dick. I know someone who’s not getting any this Mother’s Day.

  • Debbie @ Aspiring Mum

    And I bet the 20-something, single, childless males (and perhaps females as well) thought they were hilarious when they came up with those “witty” ideas.

  • Lifeasmummymax

    Seriously who came up with those? All kinds of wrong. Better watch out kids buy your mum a wireless router so she doesnt steal yours. Hello that mums paying for the internet that goes through that router lol These had to be written by a 20 something male still living at home right?

  • Jayne

    Wait. Was this written by Don Draper and his Mad Men cronies?

    I think so.

  • Daisy

    Holey heck WHAT??? Far out Dick, not on! I’d luck a product for a Yummy Mummy with a side of Diva thanks? And while you are at it, do you have a gadget that will help with my Mum’s cleptomania? No? Hmmmm!

  • Grace

    What’s the bet that Dick hired some clueless, dumb ass multi million dollar marketing agency to throw this effed up catalogue together. Still.
    Whatta a douchebag…

  • Sonia

    I guess he’s Not such a clever dick after all ;) xx

  • Rachel

    I think I’ve given up. I see that stuff and it doesn’t even register. I just think everything’s lame and that’s the way it is. If they hired me to write, I’d probably write the same crap. Yep, I’ve clearly given up.

  • Kim-Marie

    Crap and lame. Not only a lame copywriter but a useless editor too. “Artist flair”?!

  • Cassandra

    Wonderful post! So true.

    I’m (finally) popping over from FYBF. I absolutely had to share this post on Twitter! :-)

  • Melinda

    Oh my gosh!

    Who writes these things? They should be fired!

    I’m secretly hoping for a present that’s fit for a Diva though ;)

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