christmas snow globe

Occasionally I wonder if I’d be better off blogging about craft or God and then I remember I’m rubbish at both. When it comes to DIY, I much prefer to look at other people’s amazing handiwork. The problem with that is, you start believing you too can achieve craft and that’s how I found myself wasting two hours trying to find tiny reindeer on the internet.

You’d think typing ‘tiny reindeer’ into a search engine would result in a plethora of choice? Not so, and I think we can apportion a significant amount of blame on terrariums. I spent $20 on the below vintage reindeer from Etsy (did I really just say that?). If you’re interested, VintageByJade has a good range. The reindeer I used above is just a Schleich deer (so mainstream).

vintage reindeer

I know we’re beginning to tread into Hipster Christmas territory, but this month’s craft was inspired by these Jam Jar Snow Globes. For a Christmas lover, it was hard not to succumb.The Sweet Paul snow globe suggests using sea salt but Christmas stores do sell bags of fake snow along with packets of little trees.

I really wanted to find some old, antique jars but by the third Op Shop, I realised I was investing way too much time so I went next door and bought a yoghurt ice-cream instead. I accidentally stumbled across the ones I used at Freedom. With the leftover goods, the kids made their own Christmas baubles. It was while vacuuming up tiny snow flakes that the two-year-old had thrown across the entire house in a fit of rage, I realised why I don’t craft.

make your own christmas baubles

Next week: Quinoa Christmas Pudding.

Have you made your own Christmas Decorations?


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